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Every once in a while we’ll begin on Monday by talking about a principle — such as courage or hope — embracing it all week, infusing it into each day’s message of health. Welcome to such a week. But rather than circle our wagons around a singular truth or Godly characteristic, a verse will be our central theme. And while there are no ordinary verses, this is no ordinary verse. I’m even guessing some of you know it by heart. But whatever you do, don’t miss a day. We’re going back.

We’re going back to sit with Paul in prison cells and dark corners. We’ll watch as he painfully and poetically places each word of this sentence in its place. Of the many treasures he crafted, this was worth its weight in gold. If he were writing sheet music, this was a high C. If this were his closing argument, consider this his exclamation point; a point he made to help meet the needs of the people in Corinth, and a point that meets ours.

So as we begin a week full of every kind of obligation — obligations we’ve scribbled on our to-do lists — let’s meet each day right here. Let’s share the light of the lamp as he dips his pen. In order to do that, we have to get close. Let’s gather around him. No time to be shy, squeeze in. There’s room, so don’t hesitate. He’s about to write his first words.

“I discipline…

–Jimmy Peña

As I read this morning devotion, it crossed my mind; how do others implement this into their daily lives?  How do they stay focused on the RIGHT things?  How do I stay aligned with Christ’s plan? How do we follow the direction of Christ through Paul’s writings?  Do we honor Him at all?  Do Christ look down at us and just shake his head or does He think, “They are trying”?  Are we trying?  Are we really trying to succeed at what God has called us to be, to do, to live like?  Tell me, I want to know!

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Why Memorize The Bible

I have never understood why I should try to remember the verses of the Bible.  I was always told that you memorize verses in order to fight off the battles of the mind.  I always thought that it was ridiculous.  I was the type of person that could not memorize a single verse other than “Jesus Wept”.  Of course, I couldn’t tell you where it was located in the Bible of why I should remember it.  I thought of it as being stupid and a waste of time.

I have the authority to defeat the enemy and nothing will hurt me.  Luke 10:19

Then, I began trying to remember some verses.  I would write down a verse and glance at it occasionally throughout the week, month, or year.  My glances were simply that, glances.  I would get frustrated because I could not remember them like I could remember other things like phone numbers.  God then revealed it to me in a moment of struggle.  How can I remember something that I take little to no time with.  Phone numbers are only able to be remembered in my head because I use them all the time.  I dial these numbers repeatedly. So, what do I do.

The Lord will deliver me.  Jeremiah 1:19

I began spending time on one verse a month.  I would read it and recite it aloud.  This got me through about 5 verses in the 5 months of practice.  I then failed to continue, as I do many things in my life.  I am one that has a great gung-ho but little follow-through.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

One afternoon, my mind was racing at the stress in my life.  I was freaking out about my marriage, my children, my job, my future.  We had lost our home, our foster children, our dog had been run over, I got fired from my job, my son was cutting, my husband and I were not speaking.  I was laying on the couch wallowing in my pity and self-doubt.  I was a miserable person, a broken-hearted woman with no gumption to move. Then, it happened.  I heard this voice say that I will never amount to anything and that nothing will get better so I should get used to this pain.  This a small whisper said, “faith”.  The whisper was faint and I was in shock that these sounds were going on in my head as there was no one else in the home.  The whisper didn’t stop and I just kept hearing it.

Your words are spirit and life.  John 6:63

Then a memory came to me.  Someone had once said that they had once walked through their home asking for God to bless it and to kick out satan.  This memory was vivid, even though I had actually never seen of such but it played out in my mind.  So, I went to the bathroom and removed the bottle of anointing oil I had received 3 years prior when our daughter was blessed.  I commenced to reciting any verse that came to mind and spritzing that oil and cursing at satan and asking God to take back my home.  I screamed at the top of my lungs and I cried, and fell down on my knees weeping and asking God why I had to hurt like this.  The verses I said, I can’t tell you what they were or where they came from.  All I know, was that God pulled them out of me and He removed satan that day, giving my home a peace that it had lost.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.  Isaiah 54:17

The healing was not over night but it started.  Each of us experienced it in a different way, but it happened over time.

I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.  Romans 8:37

Now, almost 7 years later, my family is happy and struggling in all new ways.  Of course, I will take these struggles over those any day.  But I know that no matter what comes, God will overcome.  I will recite the verses that He brings to mind and I will praise Him through it all!.

The Lord is on my side, I will not fear.  Psalms 118:6-7

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Just Give Up!

You ever have that thought in your head that tells you to just throw in the towel?  Mine says that it doesn’t matter what I do that I will never be better, I will never change, that I will remain the same as I have always been.  It says that no matter what I do, I am stuck!

Well, I am here to tell you that it is just NOT TRUE!  You are told and misdirected by the words of satan.  He uses things that have been said to you and feeling that you have had in the past to hold you there.  The longer he holds on to you the better his odds are at keeping you and withholding your hope of a better life in the future.  He knows that if he continues to remind you of those words that he will hold the power in his hands and he will grow stronger and will overpower the love and whispers of God.

God loves you and He wants you to be the best you that He has planned.  He wants you to fulfill and achieve all the goals you have set forth in your life.  He gave you those goals, so why would He not give you the ability to hold them in your hand?  Why would He not give you the strength to overcome any battle that satan tries to instigate? Why would God give you His Almighty Hand and not allow you to use it?

goals11In the past week, I have struggled with doubts and fears along with misguided directions so I have had to call on Him numerous times.  And you know what happened?  HE CAME!!!  He not only came and overcame what I was struggling with but He allowed me to go farther than I could have imagined!  I simply call out His Almighty and Powerful name, asking Him to remove this doubt and to kick satan out.  I tell satan that my God is bigger than he could ever be and that He has defeated him before and will defeat him again.

I may look and sound crazy as I am walking down the trail in the park talking aloud, but I DON’T CARE!!  I simply do as God directs me and I know that He will strengthen me and He will accomplish my goals.  I don’t accomplish anything without God’s hand in the midst.  His strength allowed me to reach my goal of walking 4 miles but added almost a full 3 quarters more.  I walked 4.67 miles with the strength to keep going.  I simply made goal to walk 4 miles by the end of the week and that day I reached the goal of 6 miles for the day, just of walking.


So, don’t tell me you “can’t” or you “don’t have time”.  If you really have a goal then you do anything to get there.  You meet goals at work when they are given to you and you reach the deadlines that your boss gives you so why can’t you treat this the same way?  Why not set your goals, set a time frame, and just reach it!

Tell me your goals?  What is something you have always wanted to do?  What is it that you have been longing to do, longing to accomplish, but have lacked the strength to achieve?

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I was sitting one morning while doing my devotion and I glanced over across my yard and saw this one lonely dandelion or flower, whatever it was.  I am NOT good at naming them.  A thought crossed my mind.  How many of us are just like that flower?  How many of us are in a sea of weeds and just trying to make it all alone?

We are a society that has billions of people within yet people express how lonely they feel and how much they don’t have people and friends to turn to for anything.  There are people that kill themselves for just such a reason.  Is it any wonder that there are so many self-help books and ways to train ourselves into thinking that we are worth more that what we feel?  Why is it that so many don’t pick up the Bible, reach out to a church, lean on a pastor or true friend?  This society has made friendship an entirely new verb.

How many people do we here say I have 500 friends.  Really?  Do they really?  DO they really even see them on a face-to-face context?  Do they really know their children?  Do they know anything about them that has NOT been posted?  They don’t really even talk to one another any more.  They text or instant message one another.  Have they ever talked to them?  So tell, me how many friends do they really have?

I have a small circle of friends.  I have about 6 people that know me intimately, other than my best friend that I married.  These people know more about me than many of my family members.  They know my true heart.  They could go shopping for a gift and know exactly what to get me or better exactly what NOT to get me.  They are the ones that I run to for encouragement, love, understanding, and guidance in my life struggles.  These people also know that they can turn to me for the same.  My social media shows that I have over 100 friends, but I would not share some things with them.  Tell me, how many friends do you really have?

So, why is it that society has changed the definition of friendship?  What has it provided for society to have these lacking friendship circles?

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This morning, as I was giving time to God, I had praise music playing in my ears to drown out all the distractions from the neighborhood in which I live.  As the songs continued to reach my heart for God and I even sang along to a few, but this one stood out.  This one gave me material, material for you to read.  God gave me some words and visions that I hope you can enjoy here as well.  I pray that you feel His passion and love throughout this reading.

So there is a part in the song that speaks of passion being only words without action.  How much this effected me was indescribably large.  I saw myself giving my tithe and giving donations of food, clothing, and even money to causes that I felt pasison and direction for.  But what am I “DOING”?  What am I sharing with others?  What passion do I have if it never is reflected in my actions?  Sure, I show passion when it counts, when it is a desperate call or something litterally falls into my lap.  But what do I do regularly?  What do I do that shows others the love of Christ?  What do I do that gives others hope?  What do I do that allows others to see Christ’s passion through my actions and through my focus on their needs?

That is a tough pair of shoes to fill for sure!  That is a tough thing to do in the time that God has also directed us to be frugal with our finances and pay off our debts.  It is even tougher when I am the only one hearing that calling and hearing the direction.  So, what do I do to ACT WITH PASSION?  What is it that God is calling me to DO?  What is it that HE has planned for me?  Where could His knudges lead me?

I could make excuses!  I could say that I don’t have time.  I could say that my schedule is so full now that there is no possibility to add anything else.  I do have things going on every week night and I have filled my summer with camps for my daughter, deep cleaning plans for myself, reorganization as well.  So, where do I put this ACTION in?  Where do I “fit it in”?

We don’t ask!  We just follow Him, as He has directed.  He calls us to be passionate for His children.  WHo are His children?  Every person!  If they don’t believe then it is our job to teach them why they SHOULD believe.  We are called to be His disciples.

I will leave you with this, Greater Things Are Still To Be Done Here!  I will pray for each of you and I hope that you pray for me.

God Bless y’all!

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Midlife Crisis?

This is SO GOOD that I had to share it, as another friend had shared it.

”I think midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear:
I’m not screwing around. It’s time. All of this pretending and performing – these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt – has to go.
Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts. I understand that you needed these protections when you were small. I understand that you believed your armor could help you secure all of the things you needed to feel worthy of love and belonging, but you’re still searching and you’re more lost than ever.
Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through you. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.”

~ Brené Brown
Wow, how many of us can relate? Who can say that they read this and mentally examined their life and thought, “Holy Macaroni, did she just read my journal?”

Well, I did. This stage in my life has been full of tough decisions regarding moving my family thousands of miles from the home we knew for twenty years into a territory that was all but odd to us.  We have changes schools for our daughter twice. I am back in school so that I feel accomplished in my career.  Our son is gonna ng to college back in our hometown and that kills me. I hate having my family so far apart!

So decisions and life changes are part of God melding and molding us into what He wants us to become so that we can perform His deeds. Our lives take us in and out of different territories and moments that can make and break our hearts. Our tears fill jars on the shelves of Christ’s study.  Our laughter becomes the music on His never ceasing playlist.

What are your life-changing decisions going on? What has you baffled or guarded? What is stopping you from letting God take the reins?  Are you going to continue to hold on to that childish mentality or are you going to mature in the Word of God?


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Seek Your Passion?

Are you wondering if what you are doing is making a difference?  Do you wonder if you are important to the function of the activities around you?

Pray first!

Ask God to reveal the passions within you.  Ask Him to provide you with guidance and understanding of you steps.  He will reveal the drive for your life and His plan for your days.

What do we do once the passion and drive is revealed?

You may have discovered your passion and drive and it may take some time to achieve the agenda Christ has given you so there may be steps you must take.  We have to take small steps to get the BIG job done.  We may need to do what is needed in order to reach the success He has planned.  That could be a part-time job at McDonalds, a janitorial position at a large company, or a anything that gives you the provisions necessary.

Simply keep the passion as your goal.

If your goal is to be debt-free or reach young lives for Christ and need to be debt-free to do so then you keep working for it and you will succeed.  With this goal in mind, you can make it through the troublesome days of work that you do not enjoy.   You may be scrubbing toilets, but praise the Lord for the ability to do so.

What if I have been in my dead-end job for years?

Pray.  Check your goals.  Check on what you are working to reach your passion.  Are you giving up things that are short-lived pleasures in order to achieve long-term achievement?  You must give up something to gain something else.  Challenges helps us to grow and mature in the life we are intended for.

Don’t give up on your passions.  Keep striving for the end goals.

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Get Over It

How many times have we used the excuse, “that is not the way I was raised”, or  “that’s not how my parents did it”, even “I learned from my parents”?  How long do you think you can use that group of excuses?  How long can we live in the past, thinking we can make it to the future?

I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father that mentally abused his women and in turn they would mentally abuse me.  I grew up with the thought that I would never be worth anything.  I would and could never amount to much more than the trash I was.  The words resounding in my ears, “you are so stupid, you are fat, you are so ugly”.  These words remained n my heart for many years until God shined a light on my life.

I played the game of bouncing from man to man, getting married just to hold him down; which proved to not have much of a hold.  We filed for divorce less than a year into our wedded bliss with our two-year-old son.  But, Christ turned him back around.  We decided to try again, but we split a couple more times after that always coming back to the feeling of one another’s touch.

After several years of hurting one another and not setting a good example of how a home should operate, God gave us a church family.  This family shined His light on us and showed us how marriage should really be and what the home life should look like.  We learned more about one another and discovered that we grew up in virtually the same household types and had no idea of what a true-love home should look like. Through the Bible Studies and Teachings of other examples of a Christian home, we learned to reflect our love more honestly and to be true to ourselves and God.

We are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and are more in love today than we were when we said “I do”.  Our unfaithfulness, fighting, and pain has brought us closer together and deeper in love than we could have ever imagined.  We are the ones in our families that will defeat the odds and the divorce demon that lingers over our families.  We are the ones that will fight against the pattern of divorce that follows our family lines.  The buck stops here!

We are showing our children that you can fight and you can have disagreements and still be in love and you can still come back to one another after a hateful sword has flown off your tongue and apologize and offer restitution for such.

So, don’t use the excuse that it was how you were taught.  If you have moved out of your childhood home and you are living on your own then grow up!  Become your own person and take responsibility for your actions, even the failures.  Fight for God’s plan.  Fight against the worldly ways!  I know you can win!

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What’s next?  Where do I go from here?  Where do I get my inspiration?

I bow my head and cover my face in prayer.  I simply ask God to reveal.  Reveal His plan for me, for my next step.  My hands raise in worship as His words fill my heart with the sound of tenderness and guidance.  His love fills my soul with warmth and strength to overcome the next step.  I see myself in my mind and I feel confident about what I am doing.  I feel empowered and able to take on whatever may come next.  I feel strengthened by His touch, not a physical touch but an overwhelming warmth that fills me with love.

My eyes open, or so I think they do, and I see it.  I see the power He is pouring into me.  I can actually see myself on my knees with Christ over me and pouring from His cup a liquid, a solid, or a gas; I don’t know what it is but it glows and I know that it must be the fuel for my soul.  It must be what I have been blessed with by Him to overcome this next battle.  For I know there is a battle to come, I feel the presence of Him the greatest when there is one ahead.  His power is all I can feel when the battle is at hand.  His ability and courage takes over my weakness and fear.  His love overcomes all the hurt I feel.

As I remove my hands from my eyes and stand to my feet, I hear Him say, “Go”.  I simply walk on and know that He has directed and prepared me to take on this next giant.  I know that I am capable, empowered, loved, strengthened,  ready, and will overcome this next battle.  I know that whatever may come my way, Christ is right there and He gives me all the strength that is necessary to stand against that evil giant.

I am beginning new things in my life regularly.  I know that this is God’s plan for me.  As I set forth on a journey to greater health, strengthened marriage, and healthier lifestyle within a sense of fulfilled accomplishments that He is surrounding me with His abilities that are much more greater than mine.

Don’t give up.  Give in and pray.  Get on your knees and simply ask.  Ask God for strength and the ability to overcome and He will provide!

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What Direction?

Do you ever wonder what makes us strive for something?  What makes us give up one thing so that we can achieve another?  What makes us remove of selfishness to give to someone less able?  Why is it that when all else fails, we keep going?

When I look in the mirror I see a woman.  A woman that has given of herself for so many reasons.  Someone that has put her husband and children before everything else.  I have been that woman that has held the value of a child’s smile much greater than the trip to get my hair done or my nails buffed.  I have taken joy from their smiles to fill my heart with the joy to make it through a troubled time.

This is why I am who I am.  This is why I can look back on my days as a mom and feel that I have truly done a wonderful service to the world and to my God.  I know that coming from the background that I came there was little to no hope for me to be a successful parent.  There were not decent role models in my life.  There were not people that showed me the ropes of being a parent that God wanted.  But…God blessed me with this young baby boy that was so big he held his head up on his own before leaving the hospital, so big that he didn’t seem fragile to a young 19 year old girl, and healthy enough that I wasn’t a mom that worried about him not waking from his naps (granted, I still watched him sleep and touched his chest to make sure he was alive).

Yes, I was raised by people that were selfish, which taught me to be selfless.   I was shown how to choose addictions over everything else, so therefore everything else was my addiction.  I was taught how to say one thing and do something totally different, so therefore I do what I say I am gonna do (most of the time).

When it comes to role models, my husband and I had none until our baby boy was close to 8 years old.  Then, God sent us people from so many areas to help us see what to do the way God directs.  We were shown the right path to a happy marriage, not one that was dependent on the children being around.  We were shown how to raise a child to respect you because they want to not because they are commanded to so so.  We were shown how to express the true love we felt within our hearts.  The mentors we learned from were within our church home.  They were young, middle-aged, and older couples.  They had been married 5, 15, 25 years.  They had no children all the way up to 6 children.  We took pieces of those mentors with us as we taught our son and daughter to become what God has planned. Each day, we seek to learn more from Christ and I know that He will shine on us for simply seeking to please Him.

After all of my rambling, I actually have a point.  Don’t let your circumstances become your excuses.  Don’t allow the past to lay out your future.  Don’t allow the pain to keep your bottled up with fear.  Don’t repeat the past within your future.  Make your own!  God has a plan for you!