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Life Ain’t Rosy All The Time

You know there are days that we think, “what just happened?”. Or we can be going through the motions and all of a sudden walk in to that metaphoric “brick wall”. Or lives are not predetermined by us. Our lives do not contain a syllabus. We are not given the directions at birth to apply to our day-to-day life. We have to learn these things.

The moments that come to kind are those of great sorrow. I think,”What the He-double hockey sticks is going on in my life?”, “Why is God doing this?”.

Let me tell you. It is not God. It os the devil. God allows the devil to challenge and test us. He allows him to take us to the breaking point. But Christ will overcome it all!!

Never underestimate God. He will give you strength to overcome the marriage struggles, the job questioning your integrity, the child testing your limitation, and even your mind telling you are incapable of achieving such a goal!

We ignore such words and send messages that we are a child of God and we will achieve all things through Christ which strengthens me!!

What are you saying to your doubts and failures?

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It hurts when I reach for you

And you are not there

It hurts when I speak

And there is no reply

It hurts when I kiss

And there is no passion returned

It hurts when my voice resounds

To an empty room

It hurts when my love

Goes unnoticed

It hurts when my tears fall

And you don’t dry them

It hurts when my words

Mean nothing to you

It hurts when the joy

Is gone from your eyes

It hurts when I look into tear-filled eyes

It hurts when I seek

And don not find

Why do we hurt one another?

Why do we bring such agony to our hearts?

Where is the love that was here yesterday?

How can we get back to the love

And affection from yesterday?

Love me, love me, love me

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Why is it Okay?

I am not trying to pass judgement or throw stones, especially as I did the same thing. But, can anyone explain what has made it so acceptable to have children before being married? What makes marriage so taboo? What has made marriage something we just do on a whim? Why are so many children deciding at such a young age to never marry?

I have seen it on social media, within family, and among many friends. I hear many say that they think marriage is just something that people used to do, but not necessarily important or required before they begin having children and start a life with someone.

There are many sitcoms that promote the idea of living together and having children before marriage is even discussed. They buy homes before they wed, live together for ten years or more, or they don’t even marry. What makes this okay?

The Bible says that if a man and woman live together as if married but are not married, they are committing adultery and living in sin. The Bible says that a man is to cleave to his wife, yes wife! Why has the culture disqualified the Bible in such great extent?

We need to change the way our children think. We need to show them and others that when things get tough or there are disagreements, we find compromises and work out the issues. We need to show them how important marriage is and what God can do within a healthy, strong marriage that is able to overcome great things!

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I have been thinking of this issue that bothers me for quite some time and have been contemplating how to respond without offending people. I have thought of ways to express my pain, my disappointment, along with my disgust and all I can come up with is “screw it”. If you don’t like what I have to say, do something about it!

When I see people that say no to their child or children to do something, giving the reason that it is too expensive, costs too much, not valuable enough; I get aggravated and shaken.

Because…these are the same people that go out and buy new vehicles, homes, recreational vehicles over providing an education for their child that will offer them more avenues in the future than working in fast-food or within a vocational trade. Now, I am not one to say any of the vocations are bad, there are many people that they need those trades because they enjoy them or don not feel that they are able to reach another goal.

What bothers me is that they see greatness in their child but they want to stuff the ability down so the child doesn’t achieve their true abilities. They put their personal wants above their children’s future. These people are the reason fast-food employees are demanding higher wages. They have taught them that they should live the rest of their life on the bottom part of the totem pole. They have never shown them the true abilities they can achieve. They have never expressed that the abilities for everyone is different! Each child earns their own way and earns the way to their own future.

My son did not work as hard as he did to achieve the goals and future desires of my daughter. Just the same, my daughter doesn’t go to school to get my son his grades. If they are different learners with different abilities then they have different goals and achievements to accomplish. This, we may have to spend a large amount of money on school tuition for one child that we are not necessarily required to do for the other child. We may have to suffer through a season, have difficulty spending alone time with the spouse, or getting any personal time because we may be giving more time than we thought possible to our child.

Just remember: this is a season!! We give so they can achieve! We go without so they can have! We go lose in order for them to win and gain! We don’t give them what they want, we allow them to earn what they want. We push them to overcome in order to be a success in their future!

How are you losing in order for your child to reach their goals! Remember, THEIR goals, not what you want for them but what they want for themselves!!!

I pray a blessing over each of you! May you listen to your child’s heart and minds!

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Every once in a while we’ll begin on Monday by talking about a principle — such as courage or hope — embracing it all week, infusing it into each day’s message of health. Welcome to such a week. But rather than circle our wagons around a singular truth or Godly characteristic, a verse will be our central theme. And while there are no ordinary verses, this is no ordinary verse. I’m even guessing some of you know it by heart. But whatever you do, don’t miss a day. We’re going back.

We’re going back to sit with Paul in prison cells and dark corners. We’ll watch as he painfully and poetically places each word of this sentence in its place. Of the many treasures he crafted, this was worth its weight in gold. If he were writing sheet music, this was a high C. If this were his closing argument, consider this his exclamation point; a point he made to help meet the needs of the people in Corinth, and a point that meets ours.

So as we begin a week full of every kind of obligation — obligations we’ve scribbled on our to-do lists — let’s meet each day right here. Let’s share the light of the lamp as he dips his pen. In order to do that, we have to get close. Let’s gather around him. No time to be shy, squeeze in. There’s room, so don’t hesitate. He’s about to write his first words.

“I discipline…

–Jimmy Peña

As I read this morning devotion, it crossed my mind; how do others implement this into their daily lives?  How do they stay focused on the RIGHT things?  How do I stay aligned with Christ’s plan? How do we follow the direction of Christ through Paul’s writings?  Do we honor Him at all?  Do Christ look down at us and just shake his head or does He think, “They are trying”?  Are we trying?  Are we really trying to succeed at what God has called us to be, to do, to live like?  Tell me, I want to know!

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We all grow up longing for that one friend that knows everything about you and still loves you. We long for that friend that we can phone any time of the day or night to vent, cry, or just chat about nothing. We long for that friend that wants to be there for all the fun moments. We all long for a Best Friend that doesn't leave us for anyone else.

I had that, have that. I have amazing friends that love me, even though they know all my faults and failures. They know my heart. They know my pains and my loves. They call me to just say "Hi!". Leaving them and moving over a thousand miles away was one of the hardest choices I had ever made.

So now I find myself longing for friends like that again. I long for someone that loves to just sit in a room with me and talk about absolutely nothing. I want a friend that thinks of me and just calls to ask me to meet for lunch. I long for a friend that complains about life and allows me to do the same. I want a friend that wants to be a friend.

Now, don't get me wrong, my husband is my best friend in the entire world, but sometimes you want a "girlfriend" that loves you and wants to be around you. My husband is the one that dries my tears and holds my hand when I am scared, hurt, or just in need. There are just moments you want a friend to go shopping with, hang by the poolside with, gab in front of a bottle of wine alongside. These friends are priceless!!

Don't take your friends for granted! Be there for them, love on them, and answer the call.

God Bless Y'all!

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How many times have we heard people say that they want to get better at eating healthy or working out, even reading the Bible, or reading at all?  How many times do we hear the words, “I just don’t have time”, “I am just so tired”, “I don’t have the energy”?  Oh my gosh!!!  I get sick of seeing and hearing of people say they want, want, want but they never do, do, do!!  (Yes, I said do-do, hahahaha).

Wasn’t Newton’s law discovered many, many, many years ago!!  Things that are in motion, tend to stay in motion.  Things that are still, remain so.

How many people have not figured this out?

If we get up each morning and set our mind to the fact that we are NOT tired, we WILL do what we set out to do, and we WILL achieve our goals then we are defeating half the battle.

Each morning, I awake and I have the option to roll over and sleep more, which I have done before (I am NOT perfect) or I can get up and begin my day.  That is the first step.  If you are so tired that you have to sleep, then maybe the television or the electronic device needs to be turned off earlier.  Pick up a BOOK!!! Read for a few minutes before bed, and that will relax your mind and allow you to fall asleep quicker.  The stimulation of television is proven to make it harder for people to fall asleep.  On those tired mornings, get up anyway.  Make yourself roll out of bed and begin your routine!

How about the choice to workout or not?  That is a big one!  Each day, we can chose to sit our fat butts down in front of a television, computer, or anything else we like or we can get moving!  If you are using a treadmill at home, prop up an electronic device and stream your shows (we all do it anyway).  Walk until the episode is over, then you have completed a good walk.  Or if you are real good, you can read while on the treadmill.  Deny yourself 30  minutes of sleep so that you can add years on to your life. By the way, the workout from the morning, if 30 minutes of cardio is done, will burn calories for up to 4 hours after completion.  It will also tire your body so that you get sleepy earlier in the evening.

What about reading the Bible?  This is a commandment, but I will NOT harp on it as I have recently within the last year read my Bible daily.  Before that, it was almost never!  So, this is also something that can be combined with a workout or the morning routine you currently have.  If you listen to podcasts while working out, find a sermon.  If you  listen to music, play Christian Music.  If you watch television, turn on a reputable sermon or download some to your device.  Start with this and then journal after the time, for 5 minutes at least.  Pray while you do your workout, asking God to help you remain on this path and stay focused.


So, are you going to stay in motion or are you going to give in to the devil and allow him to defeat you?

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Do you ever get to the point where you know you should say something or do something but not really sure what?  Do you tend to babble on and on about anything and everything that comes across your mind?  Do you end up speaking about the weather?  Do you simply stand there and nod?  What do you do when you have nothing to add to the conversation or could care less to add anything?

There are moments that I have blurted out exactly what I thought, exactly how I felt, and exactly what needed to be done.  There are times that I have faded into the background and just thought to myself quietly.  I have blurted and yelled and screamed.  But, what did it accomplish?  Did they change the way they did things?  Did anything come of what was said or done?

I like to think that what I say actually has an effect on others.  I like to think that some people actually believe my words and cautious advice.  I pray they do.

So, keep doing as God directs you.

If God says to speak, speak.  If He says to sit quietly, be still.  If He says to lend a helping hand, do so.

Hear His words, and do His will.

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This role has been the most difficult yet the most rewarding.  We all have had the moment at a parent that we just enjoy watching our child grow and amture into whom they will become.  We love to see them stand up for themselves until it is against us.  We enjoy watching them find their way unless they act like us.  We love to haqng out with them until they act like their other parent, haha.

No, I am just kidding.  I love to be with my children.  I enjoy seeing them make friends and love on others with their whole hearts.  I love seeing them act out for Jesus.  I love watching them mature into a mesh of my husband and myself.  I love to see their smiles when they are proud of what they are doing.  I love hearing their laughter when they are enjoying themselves.

The times I don’t like are when she is screaming at me that unloading the dishwasher is not fair. Or when he yells and says he shouldn’t have to clean his room.  When they are trying my patience or testing my limits are the most trying times for me, as a parent.

What I feel is teh hardest part is that they are so different from one another.  My son is almost twenty-one and my daughter is almost ten and they are completely different.  Now, I love how different but the same they are and I love how much they try me but at the same time it is exhausting.

Days with my son were very different from days with my daughter.  My son is very calm and contains his emotions very well.  My daughter shows all her emotions at once.  We can go from happy-go-lucky to demon-child in a blink of an eye.  I love that she has strong emotions but I just never know how to handle it or how to take the words she screams at me.

I typically just smile and tell her I love her and send her to her room to do whatever it is that needs to be done.  Then I fall and pray.  I pray for her and for myself and I kick satan out, once more.  He is sneaky how he tends to slip in to our lives.

What I am trying to express to you is that you may be going through these same troubles at home with your child and there is hope.  Just pray and stay calm.  Never raise a hand in anger.  Our hands hurt more when they carry the angry to them.  Never lash out in anger.  Our words are sharper and cut deeper when they are said with anger holding on to them.  Never punish in the heat of the moment.  We are usually not thinking rationally and tend to overreact.  So, guard your tongue, pray over the moment, and react with a calm yet strong and powerful message to the child.

I will pray for each of you and I hope that this reaches those that need it.

Amen and God Bless y’all!

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Growing up, I grew to know that I was fat, ugly, and stupid.  My stepmother informed me of this on a daily account and my father never heard and I was too scared of her to tattle.  So by the age of eight, I was on diets to lose weight and I was learning regimes to make myself pretty and had to spend many hours studying.  I was always doing chores, workouts, or homework.  I did get summer times away from homework but not from diets.  I remember many days we would be sent outside and told we could not return inside until dark.  That seemed forever to a young girl.

So, many years I thought that I was never good enough for anything and fought the devil for the ownership of my head.  I struggled with thoughts of suicide and depression as early as ten.  Soon, I would have better people in my life and they would give me the way out of that home.  I began spending my days away from home at the park with friends, biking, and just being a kid.  I recall going all day without eating and then binging on the wrong foods at night, but they gave me comfort and that was what I wanted.  My home life continued to worsen and I was happy to have my much older sister move back to town.  I began living with her all the days possible.

My father and stepmother divorced and soon I had a new one.  This one was fun.  She and I would be silly together and I actually had a reason to come home.  I enjoyed many days with her as my father was gone a lot.

AS I grew older I still battled the feeling of not being good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough.  My husband of 20 years has shown me and told me over and over that I am beautiful and he loves me for me.  I still torture myself.  I don’t think of suicide, and haven’t in 30 years.  I don’t get depressed often, and when I do it is a flutter thought.  I do still battle with the feeling of being enough.  I know I am enough for others but I do not feel enough for myself.

Why do we torture ourselves this way?  Why do we continue to question God’s creation?  God made us this way for a reason.  He wants us just the way we are.  But satan wants us to think otherwise.  He wants us to think we could never be good enough for God.  But God made us more than good enough.

depressed woman






So, for all of you battling this fight, stand strong!  Pray!  I will pray with you.  Remember also, fill your children with words of LIFE, not death!!!  Tell them they are worth it.  Tell them they are smart and capable.  Tell them they are beautiful and handsome!  Tell them they can do anything with Christ on their side, and He is always for them!

happy child