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Do you ever get to the point where you know you should say something or do something but not really sure what?  Do you tend to babble on and on about anything and everything that comes across your mind?  Do you end up speaking about the weather?  Do you simply stand there and nod?  What do you do when you have nothing to add to the conversation or could care less to add anything?

There are moments that I have blurted out exactly what I thought, exactly how I felt, and exactly what needed to be done.  There are times that I have faded into the background and just thought to myself quietly.  I have blurted and yelled and screamed.  But, what did it accomplish?  Did they change the way they did things?  Did anything come of what was said or done?

I like to think that what I say actually has an effect on others.  I like to think that some people actually believe my words and cautious advice.  I pray they do.

So, keep doing as God directs you.

If God says to speak, speak.  If He says to sit quietly, be still.  If He says to lend a helping hand, do so.

Hear His words, and do His will.

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Why Memorize The Bible

I have never understood why I should try to remember the verses of the Bible.  I was always told that you memorize verses in order to fight off the battles of the mind.  I always thought that it was ridiculous.  I was the type of person that could not memorize a single verse other than “Jesus Wept”.  Of course, I couldn’t tell you where it was located in the Bible of why I should remember it.  I thought of it as being stupid and a waste of time.

I have the authority to defeat the enemy and nothing will hurt me.  Luke 10:19

Then, I began trying to remember some verses.  I would write down a verse and glance at it occasionally throughout the week, month, or year.  My glances were simply that, glances.  I would get frustrated because I could not remember them like I could remember other things like phone numbers.  God then revealed it to me in a moment of struggle.  How can I remember something that I take little to no time with.  Phone numbers are only able to be remembered in my head because I use them all the time.  I dial these numbers repeatedly. So, what do I do.

The Lord will deliver me.  Jeremiah 1:19

I began spending time on one verse a month.  I would read it and recite it aloud.  This got me through about 5 verses in the 5 months of practice.  I then failed to continue, as I do many things in my life.  I am one that has a great gung-ho but little follow-through.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

One afternoon, my mind was racing at the stress in my life.  I was freaking out about my marriage, my children, my job, my future.  We had lost our home, our foster children, our dog had been run over, I got fired from my job, my son was cutting, my husband and I were not speaking.  I was laying on the couch wallowing in my pity and self-doubt.  I was a miserable person, a broken-hearted woman with no gumption to move. Then, it happened.  I heard this voice say that I will never amount to anything and that nothing will get better so I should get used to this pain.  This a small whisper said, “faith”.  The whisper was faint and I was in shock that these sounds were going on in my head as there was no one else in the home.  The whisper didn’t stop and I just kept hearing it.

Your words are spirit and life.  John 6:63

Then a memory came to me.  Someone had once said that they had once walked through their home asking for God to bless it and to kick out satan.  This memory was vivid, even though I had actually never seen of such but it played out in my mind.  So, I went to the bathroom and removed the bottle of anointing oil I had received 3 years prior when our daughter was blessed.  I commenced to reciting any verse that came to mind and spritzing that oil and cursing at satan and asking God to take back my home.  I screamed at the top of my lungs and I cried, and fell down on my knees weeping and asking God why I had to hurt like this.  The verses I said, I can’t tell you what they were or where they came from.  All I know, was that God pulled them out of me and He removed satan that day, giving my home a peace that it had lost.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.  Isaiah 54:17

The healing was not over night but it started.  Each of us experienced it in a different way, but it happened over time.

I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.  Romans 8:37

Now, almost 7 years later, my family is happy and struggling in all new ways.  Of course, I will take these struggles over those any day.  But I know that no matter what comes, God will overcome.  I will recite the verses that He brings to mind and I will praise Him through it all!.

The Lord is on my side, I will not fear.  Psalms 118:6-7

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Just Give Up!

You ever have that thought in your head that tells you to just throw in the towel?  Mine says that it doesn’t matter what I do that I will never be better, I will never change, that I will remain the same as I have always been.  It says that no matter what I do, I am stuck!

Well, I am here to tell you that it is just NOT TRUE!  You are told and misdirected by the words of satan.  He uses things that have been said to you and feeling that you have had in the past to hold you there.  The longer he holds on to you the better his odds are at keeping you and withholding your hope of a better life in the future.  He knows that if he continues to remind you of those words that he will hold the power in his hands and he will grow stronger and will overpower the love and whispers of God.

God loves you and He wants you to be the best you that He has planned.  He wants you to fulfill and achieve all the goals you have set forth in your life.  He gave you those goals, so why would He not give you the ability to hold them in your hand?  Why would He not give you the strength to overcome any battle that satan tries to instigate? Why would God give you His Almighty Hand and not allow you to use it?

goals11In the past week, I have struggled with doubts and fears along with misguided directions so I have had to call on Him numerous times.  And you know what happened?  HE CAME!!!  He not only came and overcame what I was struggling with but He allowed me to go farther than I could have imagined!  I simply call out His Almighty and Powerful name, asking Him to remove this doubt and to kick satan out.  I tell satan that my God is bigger than he could ever be and that He has defeated him before and will defeat him again.

I may look and sound crazy as I am walking down the trail in the park talking aloud, but I DON’T CARE!!  I simply do as God directs me and I know that He will strengthen me and He will accomplish my goals.  I don’t accomplish anything without God’s hand in the midst.  His strength allowed me to reach my goal of walking 4 miles but added almost a full 3 quarters more.  I walked 4.67 miles with the strength to keep going.  I simply made goal to walk 4 miles by the end of the week and that day I reached the goal of 6 miles for the day, just of walking.


So, don’t tell me you “can’t” or you “don’t have time”.  If you really have a goal then you do anything to get there.  You meet goals at work when they are given to you and you reach the deadlines that your boss gives you so why can’t you treat this the same way?  Why not set your goals, set a time frame, and just reach it!

Tell me your goals?  What is something you have always wanted to do?  What is it that you have been longing to do, longing to accomplish, but have lacked the strength to achieve?

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Quiet Much?

There are so many mornings I awake and I just have no idea what I am going to write about.  I don’t know what God has planned for the expression on this page.  So, I wait.  I simply sit in the cool breeze around me listening to the birds and dogs speak to the squirrels and await God’s direction.

Then, BAM!!! Out of nowhere it comes to me.  It can be a song, a verse that read yesterday or this morning, it could be a feeling I had, or it could just be something I see while waiting on Him.

Today, I come with the word; Quiet.  What does quiet mean?  What does it mean to actually experience “the quiet”?  What does your quiet look like when compared to mine?  Are they the same or are that complete opposites? defines it in the verb sense as: verb (used with object) to make quiet, to make tranquil or peaceful; pacify:,to quiet a crying baby, to calm mentally, as a person, to allay (tumult, doubt, fear, etc.), to silence.  These are all the action parts of quiet.  This is how we react or control the quiet.  Does your quiet come close to any of these? also defines it as a adjective as making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound:, quiet neighbors, free, or comparatively free, from noise, a quiet street, silent, Be quiet!, restrained in speech, manner, etc.; saying little, a quiet person.,free from disturbance or tumult; tranquil; peaceful:,a quiet life, being at rest, refraining or free from activity, especially busy or vigorous activity, a quiet Sunday afternoon.  This sounds more like what I want to speak on today.

How much do we say the word quiet?  Are we telling ourselves to quiet the noise in our heads or telling the children or family to quiet the noises going on around us?  Do we ever actually GET QUIET?  Do we ever allow our minds to rest?  Do we allow our bodies to enjoy the quiet?  Or are we just starting the next thing and the next thing, and so on?  Are we getting hooked on things that are unholy or ungodly to the life we strive to live?  Are we spending more time playing the games on our phones and watching the television shows we shouldn’t be watching than we simply stop and listen to God in the quiet?  Are we even trying?

I challenge you to walk away from the television, turn off the games and computers, close the door to the light of technology and noise that clutters your mind.Just be still and quiet and listen.  Listen for Christ.  Listen for the Word of God to reign down from heaven and provide you with love, encouragement, and direction for your life.  Give Him the quiet time that He so rightly deserves.

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Are We Thanking Him

I was reading my morning devotional today and the topic got me thinking and wondering.  Am I truly grateful for what Christ has given me? Am I actually content? Or am I simply saying that I am so that He will bless me further? Is there motive behind what I say?  Or am I actually content?

So, it got me thinking about my prayer life. How am I praying? Am I just going through the same old motions and words each evening or am I speaking from my heart?  Am I being thankful with hopes that my thankfulness reflects goodness and will then bless me with kire? Do I want more?

Well, I do want more. I think that if we do not want more than we have no goals. If we have jo goals then we tend to lose purpose. I am not saying that I want a mansion on a hill with horses and servants. I simply want more time with my family. I want the ability to lend a financial hand whenever it is necessary to those in need around us. I want a home that I own not borrow from someone else. I want to live a healthy life so I may grow old with my children and know my great grandchildren. I want to send my children to college without a student loan or incurr any debt because of it.  I want to rock beside my husband until we are so old and grey that our love is all that holds us together. I want to do God’s will and work with the financial abilities that He provides. So, I don’t think wanting things is bad. I just think the way the world runs after things is what hurts us.

Take a business man on Wall Street. The typical one is going after that next big thing that is gonna make him the most money. What about these  people that say they can show you how to be rich like them in 3 easy steps, just send then $500.  Then there are the pyramid schemes that promise an easy way to make money. None of this is easy as God directed, we must work for everything. We must have some pain to be able to rejoice in what He has provided you with.

So, I am grateful that God gives my family the ability to remain focused on our goals and allows us to enjoy our lives together. So, I am truly content with what I have and if we do not reach the goals we want, I will remain happy in Christ and content with my blessings.

Are you content?

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This morning, as I was giving time to God, I had praise music playing in my ears to drown out all the distractions from the neighborhood in which I live.  As the songs continued to reach my heart for God and I even sang along to a few, but this one stood out.  This one gave me material, material for you to read.  God gave me some words and visions that I hope you can enjoy here as well.  I pray that you feel His passion and love throughout this reading.

So there is a part in the song that speaks of passion being only words without action.  How much this effected me was indescribably large.  I saw myself giving my tithe and giving donations of food, clothing, and even money to causes that I felt pasison and direction for.  But what am I “DOING”?  What am I sharing with others?  What passion do I have if it never is reflected in my actions?  Sure, I show passion when it counts, when it is a desperate call or something litterally falls into my lap.  But what do I do regularly?  What do I do that shows others the love of Christ?  What do I do that gives others hope?  What do I do that allows others to see Christ’s passion through my actions and through my focus on their needs?

That is a tough pair of shoes to fill for sure!  That is a tough thing to do in the time that God has also directed us to be frugal with our finances and pay off our debts.  It is even tougher when I am the only one hearing that calling and hearing the direction.  So, what do I do to ACT WITH PASSION?  What is it that God is calling me to DO?  What is it that HE has planned for me?  Where could His knudges lead me?

I could make excuses!  I could say that I don’t have time.  I could say that my schedule is so full now that there is no possibility to add anything else.  I do have things going on every week night and I have filled my summer with camps for my daughter, deep cleaning plans for myself, reorganization as well.  So, where do I put this ACTION in?  Where do I “fit it in”?

We don’t ask!  We just follow Him, as He has directed.  He calls us to be passionate for His children.  WHo are His children?  Every person!  If they don’t believe then it is our job to teach them why they SHOULD believe.  We are called to be His disciples.

I will leave you with this, Greater Things Are Still To Be Done Here!  I will pray for each of you and I hope that you pray for me.

God Bless y’all!

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Answered Prayers

How many times do we pray for that one person or that one event or just that one thing to happen?  When do we finally just stop worrying and give it to Christ?  When do we let God take the wheel and actually simply ride?


I have been praying that a family member actually attends church and stop using excuses to avoid it.  I prayed that they would hear the call of God and act upon it.  I have asked God to give me the ability to simply allow Him the control that He already had and to just face the choices made by this person.  The rest that

The rest that came over me was amazing once I allowed Him into the situation.  Once I allowed Him the control and cut my ropes to the choices made and faced the fact that it was not up to me to decide for them, I truly had rest.  I truly became relaxed and able to face the fact that they had to choose.

So, give it to God and just allow His hands the control of the clay that He may mold it into what He designed.  He has the plan made and will do as He chooses.

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

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What’s next?  Where do I go from here?  Where do I get my inspiration?

I bow my head and cover my face in prayer.  I simply ask God to reveal.  Reveal His plan for me, for my next step.  My hands raise in worship as His words fill my heart with the sound of tenderness and guidance.  His love fills my soul with warmth and strength to overcome the next step.  I see myself in my mind and I feel confident about what I am doing.  I feel empowered and able to take on whatever may come next.  I feel strengthened by His touch, not a physical touch but an overwhelming warmth that fills me with love.

My eyes open, or so I think they do, and I see it.  I see the power He is pouring into me.  I can actually see myself on my knees with Christ over me and pouring from His cup a liquid, a solid, or a gas; I don’t know what it is but it glows and I know that it must be the fuel for my soul.  It must be what I have been blessed with by Him to overcome this next battle.  For I know there is a battle to come, I feel the presence of Him the greatest when there is one ahead.  His power is all I can feel when the battle is at hand.  His ability and courage takes over my weakness and fear.  His love overcomes all the hurt I feel.

As I remove my hands from my eyes and stand to my feet, I hear Him say, “Go”.  I simply walk on and know that He has directed and prepared me to take on this next giant.  I know that I am capable, empowered, loved, strengthened,  ready, and will overcome this next battle.  I know that whatever may come my way, Christ is right there and He gives me all the strength that is necessary to stand against that evil giant.

I am beginning new things in my life regularly.  I know that this is God’s plan for me.  As I set forth on a journey to greater health, strengthened marriage, and healthier lifestyle within a sense of fulfilled accomplishments that He is surrounding me with His abilities that are much more greater than mine.

Don’t give up.  Give in and pray.  Get on your knees and simply ask.  Ask God for strength and the ability to overcome and He will provide!

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Another Day

You ever wake up and say TODAY!!!  Today is going to be the day.  This is the day that I will succeed in everything I do and say.  I will put my all in and complete each task set before me.

Well, today was one of those days for me.

Did I succeed at all I planned?  No, not yet.  I have made some bad choices in my meals and I slept in late so my walk was not done like it should have been this morning.  I am NOT perfect!

I simply know that the perfect one will allow me another chance to do better.  He is the God of second chances.  He is the God that has been tempted and has suffered the unimaginable for us to have a life with Him. So, I know that I will be given another chance to do the right thing and make the better choices.

Then Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”  Jesus *said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.  Matthew 18:21-22


I pray that each of you reading this knows that God loves you and wants a life with you forever in eternity.  May you learn of a love so great that it cannot be lost or thrown away.  You are a child of the Most-High God!

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Call Yourself A Christian Part 2

Do you show honor and respect to your parents, even if they were not the best at being a parent?

Do you respect and love your child, even when they are being a terror?

Do you ask for things or demand things be done?

Do you study God’s word daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually, or yearly?

Do you speak to others about His Great and unending love?

My parents were not the best but they did what they thought was the best and that should be enough for any child to honor their parents.  It took me several years to realize that I was NOT showing them the respect that Christ demanded.  I was treating them as I felt.  Once I forgave them for their non-malicious wrong doings, life felt released and I could actually enjoy it with them.

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.   Ephesians 20:12

I have the best children, I know all parents say that hahaha.  I enjoy MOST moments with them, but once I realized that Christ was their Father and we were simply given a small part of their lives teaching them about Christ, it made it easier to love EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!  Now, I seek moments to show them the respect that I hope they give me.  I do not demand things from them nor do I control their choices in life.  I simply ask them to do things and explain why they should be doing it, even when she is having a fit about why she has to unload the dishwasher, which id EVERY NIGHT!

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Daily devotions have been the hardest thing for me to do and get in a routine.  I think that I saw this as a waste of time and thought that there was no point in performing this meaningless task.  Once, I started, I hated missing them.  I now do 2-3 devotions a day.  I begin my day with prayer and a small Women’s devotion or something geared towards a struggle I am trying to over come.  My day sometimes includes a lunchtime devotion that is geared towards a power devotion that gets me over a struggle I am battling.  My evening devotion is almost always geared towards marriage or parenting.  This helps me to stay on track.  It is really awesome when they all speak on the same topic.  I never realized how simple God really is while being so majestic and powerful at the same time.  It is truly amazing!

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.  II Timothy 2:15

Lastly, I struggle with this one a lot!  I know that Christ needs us to share His love and word with others.  I just feel that I am not as knowledgeable to do so.  This is one of my struggles that I pray over.  Speaking the Word of God to others that do not know Him.  I battle with the right words to say, the right verses to repeat, and the right time to do any of it.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit   Matthew 28:19


So, if you are one that struggles with any of these, then you are not alone.  Leave a comment and pray over it.  He will guide you and offer you the strength to overcome your battles.  May God bless you and guide you through your days.