Who is Jammye?

I am a woman that striving in excellence for my love within my marriage and parenthood.


I am the best lover for my man and follow the guidance of Christ Jesus, whose dream is His children having all they could ever want all of eternity.  I am the one he turns to for passion, affection, attention, and to be loved.








I am his helper, by the calling of God. I am reliant for him and He in me.  I seek the knowledge of him having the ability to look at me and see the person he wants.



I am a Godly Parent that leads our little ones to HIM.  I want them to strive to know more about our Father in Heaven and His great love for them and how deep it will always be.  They know he sent his son to die and pay for all of our sins so that they and all around could live forever with Him.  I want them to be passionate for HIM and know that he has great passion and love for them.  I will exemplify the unconditional love HE has for them through my hands, arms, and feet.


Within this, I am a woman that hurts, struggles, and cries.   I have struggles and fight for the ability to overcome these knowing that I am surrounded by Jesus Christ’s love and that He sent me an amazing man and beautiful children to guide me and teach me as much as I teach them.


On these walls, I will tell of things I feel, things I see, and things that I contemplate.  Feel free to reply in agreement and yes, even argument.  I enjoy learning new ways to see things and new discoveries.  I pray for each of you daily and I look forward to learning on this journey within my insights…


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