How many times do we look at a commercial, magazine, or a movie and say; “She is gorgeous” or “He is so handsome”?  How many times do we begin to allow ourselves to have the feelings of jealousy and envy creep in to our minds? We begin to compare our personal beauty and looks to that person in front of us.  We compare our life to theirs.  We think that the person must never have any trouble reaching their goals of marriage, wedded bliss, weight, or even dream purchases.  We think that they must have all they want or could ever want.

I will assure you that on a scale, the majority of those people we are envious of are struggling with the same things we are.  We may be an everyday ordinary person, but guess what, so are they.  They are the normal person that we are and they struggle with their weight, which is why they wake at 3am to work out.  They struggle with finances, which is why they have someone give them a budget.  They struggle with their marriage, which is why they spend time alone with their partner with no interruptions.

What I am trying to explain is that we are all the same.

The photographs we see are edited to remove any unkind blemish or marking on their face and body the manufacturer does not want you to see.  The manufacturers want us to think that in order to achieve that look we must purchase their product.  This causes us to think that we are not worth anything without the product.  We need to realize that God made us beautiful just the way we are.  He created us in love, with love, and of love.  We are love and we are beauty.  We need not to cover who we are or who he made us to be.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalms 139:14

We must teach our young ladies and gentlemen to be proud of who God made them to be and who they are to become in the sight of Him.  Expressing themselves in a loving way that is true to who they are and what God made them to be is the truth behind God’s creation.

We must show the truth behind the creations of the industries of “beauty” and show them God’s love in beauty, real beauty.  The beauty God made is healthy, loving, and kind.  It does not boast nor does it envy.  We are to give it freely, even to ourselves.  We are to love who we are as Christ created us.


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