I was sitting one morning while doing my devotion and I glanced over across my yard and saw this one lonely dandelion or flower, whatever it was.  I am NOT good at naming them.  A thought crossed my mind.  How many of us are just like that flower?  How many of us are in a sea of weeds and just trying to make it all alone?

We are a society that has billions of people within yet people express how lonely they feel and how much they don’t have people and friends to turn to for anything.  There are people that kill themselves for just such a reason.  Is it any wonder that there are so many self-help books and ways to train ourselves into thinking that we are worth more that what we feel?  Why is it that so many don’t pick up the Bible, reach out to a church, lean on a pastor or true friend?  This society has made friendship an entirely new verb.

How many people do we here say I have 500 friends.  Really?  Do they really?  DO they really even see them on a face-to-face context?  Do they really know their children?  Do they know anything about them that has NOT been posted?  They don’t really even talk to one another any more.  They text or instant message one another.  Have they ever talked to them?  So tell, me how many friends do they really have?

I have a small circle of friends.  I have about 6 people that know me intimately, other than my best friend that I married.  These people know more about me than many of my family members.  They know my true heart.  They could go shopping for a gift and know exactly what to get me or better exactly what NOT to get me.  They are the ones that I run to for encouragement, love, understanding, and guidance in my life struggles.  These people also know that they can turn to me for the same.  My social media shows that I have over 100 friends, but I would not share some things with them.  Tell me, how many friends do you really have?

So, why is it that society has changed the definition of friendship?  What has it provided for society to have these lacking friendship circles?


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