Summer Excitement

I know that we are all excited that we get to spend MORE time with our family and children during teh summer months!  I am so grateful that I have a job that allows me to have the summer months off to be with my baby girl.  I have made grand plans and great times to spend with her, not only expanding her abilities but exploring her interests.

I also know that in this day and age our children want to spend as much time or more on their devices than we care for them to do so.  So, I created a list of things that MUST be accomplished before she is provided with an electronic, including the television.

You can see my list above but I will go through and elaborate it a bit.

First and foremost, she must spend time with God.  I have purchased her a new Bible, labeled it with the book names and purchased an age-related study for her.  I want her to realize how much God is important to this family and her life.

Then she must read in 1 of the 25 books she has to read this summer.  She has been given the list from school, so she is set!

She has a chore list with things like clean your bedroom, complete laundry, and unloading the dishwasher.  These chores are her EVERYDAY chores and need to be done anyhow, but this way I get them done when I NEED them done.

Then we go outside!  We have to play outside 60 minutes doing whatever she wants.  Then we go for a 30 minute walk, ride, or run with our dog as a family.

She also has to help me with something.  I am unsure what this may look like but I have to come up with something by Monday. UGH!

Then, when she gets her electronic she has to do 30 minutes of learning apps on the electronic.  I just have to download them on her computer as our tablet quit working!! UGH!

Then, when all that is complete she can play on what ever game or app she wants!

I pray that I stick to this and have complete follow-through.




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