How Many

How many times have we said to ourselves or to others even; I need to do this, Ineed to make this change, I need to stop doing that? 

We have even made plans to make that change.  We have paid for memberships to help us change.  We have read books on how to make the challenge smoother.

Yet, what did we do?


I am not starting this to criticize or mock any of you! I have been there. I have made the excuses to not change.  I have found reasons to stay in the same rut or hell-hole I was in.  

I have denied myslef temporary pleasures in order to start my challenge and then failed terribly because I was harsh to myself.  I have told myself that what I wanted was weong and would hurt me in the long-run. Yet, Ibran back to it, in the end.  My desires have been junk foods, fatty foods, fried foods, sweets, salty foods, and anything considered unhealthy.  But the mere denial made me want it more.

Then, I found alternatives. I discovered that you can make the sweets and junk foods in a healthier way that didn’t hurt you nearly as badly as when consumed unhealthily. The foods became rewards for me. If I had been good all day (which was few to begin with) then I rewarded myself with “Clean Fudge” or an all-natural “Oatmeal Bar”. 

This has brought new light to so many different areas of my life. I enjoy taking walks with family, friends, and my puppy. I enjoy seeking out new recipes to enjoy my old favorites. It hqs become a game, a pinterest game. Hahahahaha 

So, don’t let negativity or excuses get innyour way from happy and healthy!!


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