Seek Your Passion?

Are you wondering if what you are doing is making a difference?  Do you wonder if you are important to the function of the activities around you?

Pray first!

Ask God to reveal the passions within you.  Ask Him to provide you with guidance and understanding of you steps.  He will reveal the drive for your life and His plan for your days.

What do we do once the passion and drive is revealed?

You may have discovered your passion and drive and it may take some time to achieve the agenda Christ has given you so there may be steps you must take.  We have to take small steps to get the BIG job done.  We may need to do what is needed in order to reach the success He has planned.  That could be a part-time job at McDonalds, a janitorial position at a large company, or a anything that gives you the provisions necessary.

Simply keep the passion as your goal.

If your goal is to be debt-free or reach young lives for Christ and need to be debt-free to do so then you keep working for it and you will succeed.  With this goal in mind, you can make it through the troublesome days of work that you do not enjoy.   You may be scrubbing toilets, but praise the Lord for the ability to do so.

What if I have been in my dead-end job for years?

Pray.  Check your goals.  Check on what you are working to reach your passion.  Are you giving up things that are short-lived pleasures in order to achieve long-term achievement?  You must give up something to gain something else.  Challenges helps us to grow and mature in the life we are intended for.

Don’t give up on your passions.  Keep striving for the end goals.


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