I rolled over in my bed only to turn off the resounding alarm.  My eyes close ever so softly to fall back into a slumber for just a bit longer.  The gong of the alarm goes off yet once more to remind me that I must wake to prepare for the day.  My eyes search for the noise maker to shut it down only to fall closed once more.

My eyes jump open to the loud sound coming from the alarm telling me I am late.  I am now late for work and have not even made lunches for the family.  Coffee is yet another thing that was missed.

My day carries on while I am a zombie only functioning at half mast.  My eyes barely open all day, my mind cannot compute small operations, and my smile if yet but a straight line across my face.  I know that I am gonna starve if I don’t get something in my system so what do I do?  Fast food!!!  Oh MY OH MY!!

That was the exact reason I learned to prepare ahead of time.  I simply could not resist the temptation in my weakened state.  I am not making excuses, as you all know that you have done the same thing.  I am simply telling you how I reacted wrongly.  I SHOULD have chosen the protein shake in the fridge at work, or the cliff bar I keep in my desk drawer.

I am now more tired than I was earlier because I have yet to fill my body with the nutrients it calls for.  So, my next meal will be the cliff bar followed by the protein shake.

Pray that I choose better ingredients to digest and sleep better tonight!


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