Thankful for Love

As the day comes to an end, I think about the activities of tomorrow or the anticipation of such.  I never ask for anything and never expect anything more than time from each of my children.  I simply want to be surrounded by my loved ones and receive the love they have for me.  I look forward to that each year.  So, Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year, with my birthday being 2nd.

My family typically will make me breakfast and give me gifts and allow me to have control of television shows and they take care of everything else for one day.  These means so much to me and I love that they treasure me this highly. My baby girl is not getting to the point where she wants to give me a gift or make me something, or even both.  I love this age because she is actually starting to think about what I like and dislike.  I am sure she gets a bit of guidance from Daddy but that is all part of the joy I have over it all.  My son tends to forget the holiday each year, and that is okay too.  We have a daily relationship that allows the affection and love to be shared regularly.  Although I was truly impressed last year when he sent me the gift of flowers.  It was a true blessing.  Like I have said, I NEVER expect anything from them but time and love, but they always top it with much more.

So, whilst thinking about these little gifts I get to enjoy, I think about all those out there that have never been able to celebrate the joy of being a parent or are mourning the loss of a child and this day makes it difficult for them.  I think about all those women that have given up a child and I wonder if the children living in orphanages or homes celebrate this day.  I wonder if they feel the loss of not having their mom their to give love to or if it is something they have never been able to celebrate.  This thought, of course, brings tears to my eyes.  So, I pray.  I pray for those women that have wanted a child but wasn’t able to have them reach out and be a mother to a child without.  How many loves would be blessed by this one small gesture?  How great would the love be between the two?

So, to all of you celebrating; have a blessed Mother’s Day.  To all those mourning the loss of a child, I pray for your healing.  And to all of you wishing you had a child to love, I pray that you are lead to your child in need.  May God Bless each woman with the love from a child!


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