What’s next?  Where do I go from here?  Where do I get my inspiration?

I bow my head and cover my face in prayer.  I simply ask God to reveal.  Reveal His plan for me, for my next step.  My hands raise in worship as His words fill my heart with the sound of tenderness and guidance.  His love fills my soul with warmth and strength to overcome the next step.  I see myself in my mind and I feel confident about what I am doing.  I feel empowered and able to take on whatever may come next.  I feel strengthened by His touch, not a physical touch but an overwhelming warmth that fills me with love.

My eyes open, or so I think they do, and I see it.  I see the power He is pouring into me.  I can actually see myself on my knees with Christ over me and pouring from His cup a liquid, a solid, or a gas; I don’t know what it is but it glows and I know that it must be the fuel for my soul.  It must be what I have been blessed with by Him to overcome this next battle.  For I know there is a battle to come, I feel the presence of Him the greatest when there is one ahead.  His power is all I can feel when the battle is at hand.  His ability and courage takes over my weakness and fear.  His love overcomes all the hurt I feel.

As I remove my hands from my eyes and stand to my feet, I hear Him say, “Go”.  I simply walk on and know that He has directed and prepared me to take on this next giant.  I know that I am capable, empowered, loved, strengthened,  ready, and will overcome this next battle.  I know that whatever may come my way, Christ is right there and He gives me all the strength that is necessary to stand against that evil giant.

I am beginning new things in my life regularly.  I know that this is God’s plan for me.  As I set forth on a journey to greater health, strengthened marriage, and healthier lifestyle within a sense of fulfilled accomplishments that He is surrounding me with His abilities that are much more greater than mine.

Don’t give up.  Give in and pray.  Get on your knees and simply ask.  Ask God for strength and the ability to overcome and He will provide!


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