Wow!!  Can you believe it?  It is May 1st.  Who is ready for some SUMMER FUN!

I know I am.

What are your summer plans?  Are you going on a vacation? Are you going to the lake? Do you go to the beach?  Do you go to amusement parks?  Do you just veg out on the couch?  Or, are you like the majority of adults, and go to work each morning wishing you could have a few moments to yourself?

DO IT!!  Take time and just be alone.  Sit in a quiet space and listen.  Listen to what God has planned for you and your family.  See what GREAT PLAN He has in store for you.  You know it’s BIG, He is GOD, what else could He have planned?

Take time no less than one day a week and just go for a walk, alone.  Think, pray, and listen.  Take no less than 30 minutes per day to speak to Him and tell him your deepest desires.  Jesus loves you and wants to make you smile and fulfill His potential through you.  He wants you to be the one he designed.

Do you hear Him now?  Are you telling Him no?  Are you pretending it’s not really Him you hear?  If it follows the Bible, it’s Him.  He wants you to be fulfilled and lead others to Him.

Is He telling you to change something within you, about you, or to just do something more?  Is He asking you to stand up for Him, and be the different fish in the sea?  Is He pointing you in the direction of love and you are running to fun?  Get down on your knees and listen.  Close your eyes and see.  Stop talking and He will speak.  Cry out to Him and He will come.

Be Still and Know that he is with you…ALWAYS!


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