Day 1 Daniel Plan Journey


begin life

Are you ready?  I hope you are!  I am gonna push you and push you.  I want you to be sick of hearing from me but still long to see what is next!  I want you to travel this journey with me.  Take some time and focus on your health and happy.  I will pray for each of you and please feel free to comment and like me on my Facebook page!

Starting today, I will be posting my progress and plan that I am currently following to make my life better spiritually, emotionally, and healthwise.  I hope that you can join in and post your feedback!!  KEEP IT COMING!

Necessary Essentials:

Daniel Plan Book and Devotional

Beneficial: Daniel Plan Study Guide, App, and Cookbookgoals10

Day 1

Daniel Plan Book- Read Chapter 1: How It All Began

Name 3 things you are grateful for!

Daniel Plan Devotion- Start the Daniel Plan Devotional (if you don’t have it, let me know)

Workout: Take a 20-30 minute walk. While at work or watching tv, raise hands high above the hand (Thank God for His blessings), Lower them while you breathe in.  Place your hand in a locking grip behind you, stretch them up while bending down release all your worries to Christ and allow him to take them from you. Repeat 5 times or more!

Journal: write down how you feel about this plan, about what you plan to do with this plan, and write what you want to achieve.



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