Marriage Lesson 19 of 20

The world doesn’t want your marriage to thrive or survive: There are many obstacles to a successful marriage. Our own sin is a huge one. But the world is also against you. Beware of its influence and the subtle ways it tries to get you to fail.

My thoughts:

When you watch a movie or a high-rated television show, what do you see?  Do you see long-lasting marriages or do you see people that break up and learn how to get along through that?  What does society say about marriage?  Does it say that a long-lasted marriage is something to strive for or do they show us how to get out of it fast?  What is the societal reasons for divorce?  Does society teach us to tough it out or give up quick?

I am sure that we all know the answers to MANT of those questions.  Society does not want marriage to last long or to be considered successful.  They encourage a quickie divorce and a speedy recovery of said divorce.  There are so many books out there to help you get a divorce and get the most from it, it is sad.  There are even books on how to recover from the divorce.  But the book we should all be reading is the one to make our marriage LAST!

The Bible, the word of God.  He has all the self-help and resolutions for a difficult marriage, parenting, and self-esteem issues.  It is all within one book!  It shows us how to become better wives, husbands, and parents to our children.  It shows us how to become the best people we can become in the name of Christ.  We are given the instruction on each step within our lives in one easy-to-read book.

The Bible has shown me what I AM DOING WRONG, when I was SURE it was him.  I mean, how could I possibly be wrong, right?!  I am never wrong (hahahahah).  The Bible has shown me how I shut him down before he is even allowed in a word.  It has shown me how I am being selfish, needy, and even ignorant to his needs.  When I say that the Bible has all the instructions, I mean ALL of them.  For a woman, Proverbs 31 is amazing.  For a man, I think that Song of Solomon is a great one.  They show us how to be attentive to the other’s needs and to be aware that we are not alone on this ride.

Check out the above and let me know how you react and change in your daily actions with your spouse.  Tell me some even better verses or how you overcame the discussion or thought of divorce.  Tell me how you have a marriage that has outlasted the societal encouraged easy way out.  Thank you for reading this!


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