Marriage Lesson 10 of 20

Halfway there!  Stick with it!!

Prayer is the most important thing you can do for your marriage: Do you desire to see something change in your marriage? Pray about it. Often, we try to make change happen. We try to force the things we want to see take place. Instead, we need to turn to God, seeking his wisdom, help, grace, and strength to live out our marriages to his glory. Pray together. Pray for each other. Never stop praying.

My thoughts:

How many of us actually pray for our spouses or family throughout the day?  How many of us fall asleep while we are laying in bed trying to remember everyone that we want God to be with or work on?  How many times do we say, “I’ll pray for you” and never actually do it? Good intentions, right?

Lord, teach me to pray 
Luke 11:1

I was one of these people not long ago.  I would tell someone that I would pray for them and then forget it.  I would make a “mental” note and then carry on about my day.  I would INTEND on DOING something but never actually do it!  Then this would cause the guilt trip road to be traveled once more.  And, that is NOT where we want to travel again.

I will ask in faith, without doubting
James 1:6

I have a prayer log.  Every time someone asks me to pray for them, I write down their name and concern.  If I don’t pray right then, I have something to check while doing my devotions and pray then.  This holds me accountable and makes sure that I am not full of empty intentions!

I will pray without ceasing
I Thessalonians 5:17

As for my spouse and family; aside from praying for them while I do devotion time, I also have alarms.  I set an alarm to go off on my phone several times a day.  This alarm tells me to stop what I am doing and pray for my family.  This may sound tedious or ridiculous to some, but it holds me accountable.  I stop and just say a short prayer or a long prayer, whatever God lays on my heart to pray about.  If I know they are having a tough time or facing an obstacle, then I pray regarding that.  This not only tells God that I am thinking of them but that I am being intentional about my prayers.

Whatever I ask for in prayer, believing, I will receive
Matthew 21:22

This accountability has allowed my prayers to be filled with conversation and love, not just rambling about this and that and wants or needs of myself.  This also prevents me from falling asleep while praying.  hard to doze off at your desk.

I will seek you and find you, when I search for you with all my heart
Jeremiah 29:13

God Bless You!


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