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Marriage Lesson 7 of 20

Christ must be the center: We sang the hymn Be Thou My Vision at our wedding ceremony twenty years ago. When we chose the hymn, how little did I know how important having Christ as our vision would be! Christ must be the center of marriage for it to thrive. He must be first. After all, marriage is a reflection of the relationship between Christ and his church. We can’t reflect to a watching world who Christ is and what he has done if he is not central.

My thoughts:

Take it from someone that has experienced it both ways, if God is not the head of your home then satan is!

The times while Christ was placed first then things felt blessed by His hand and felt His love throughout each moment. While God as surrounding us, nithing could get in. The moment an opurtunity opened up, satan took it without hesitation. He took everything from us and will do every time he can.

Pray together! Go to church together. Worship together! Practice the works of Christ together! Read the Word with your children together. Donit all together, with God!

Don’t allow one partner to do it all on their own. Lead the children within your home as a strong held-together head of the home. Onc, they see your support on one another and reliance on Christ, they willbe what you desire and God designed.

God Bless You!




I am not your typical Texas Girl. I do not wear makeup and do my hair up big! I do not eat out every night, like so many around us. I do enjoy to being with my husband and children and have truly enjoyed it for the last 22 years. Yes, we fight, yes we disagree but we never chose any other life. We fight for one another and our family that is near us. We stand strong against adversity and never sway in our beliefs even when it is going against the grain. We have been blessed in many ways by the God above and remain amazed at the gifts and blessings He has poured over our children. Our walk has had ups and downs but we always return to one another. God Bless each of you reading this blog page!

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