Marriage Lesson 4 of 20

Your spouse will change: While spouses don’t often change because of our direct intention and desire to change them (i.e. my hope that my cooking would change my husband’s aversion to vegetables), they do change as God transforms them. And God will often include us in working out that change. We have to expect that our spouses will change throughout our years of marriage. Your spouse will not be the same person they were when you got married. God is at work, sanctifying and transforming them. This work requires change. Sometimes the process is slow, difficult, and even painful. The in-between stages are often downright ugly. The same is true in your own sanctification. The wonderful thing is that we get to change together, alongside our spouses.

My thoughts and ideas:

Is this what we asked for yesterday?  Is this not what we have been trying to do all these years we have been together?

Lo and behold, they change!!  They do NOT change because of anything we do or did, so don’t get too excited there.  But they change in their own time and own ways.  It MAY even be in the way we desire, but not always.

We can try to persuade and mold them into what we want but they are only going to give in for a short time.  So BE PATIENT, they will turn into a grown man and will be the man of your dreams and desires.  God has it planned out for each of us.

The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.
Galatians 5:22

Now, let’s talk about the changes that occur that we are not-so-happy about.  They may grow to love things that you love, or hate the things that you love, or they may even grow to be even more of a fanatic about something you think is NUTS!  When my husband and I first got together, I knew absolutely nothing about sports other than what I had learned in high school, which was how to get out of it.  HAHA!!  Yes, I flunked PE.  Don’t ask…  So, anyhow, he would sit and explain the games to me and how things happened and what that foul meant and the reason the referee threw that flag, and so forth.  At first, I didn’t really listen, I just loved to hear his passion in his voice and being near him, yes the first two years.  then, I got to where I would just tell him he could just leave me out of it all.  I was okay reading my book.  Now, it is an entirely different story!  He tells me about the calls and what play is about to go down but I am the one that smacks his hand when he turns the channel.  I am the one that records the games I miss, and watch them diligently, even if he isn’t home.  I love to watch football.  Now, if my father saw me know, he would be shocked, he saw the report cards.  He was NOT in to any sport either.  So, we all change as we grow.

Behold, I belong to God, I have been formed out of the clay.
Job 33:6

We find things are either more exciting, less exciting, or even addicting to be involved in.  We don’t set out to change but it happens, sometimes for the good too.  So, don’t give up hope, but don’t pressure either.  We are all made to be who we are and the clay make is molding us to be the shape He has designed and we will be a finished product one day.

Give thanks to the Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are His works, and my soul knows it well
Psalms 139:14




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