Marriage Lesson 17 of 20

Money is a big issue in marriageYou don’t realize it before you get married but money is a huge issue in a marriage. Often one person is a spender and the other a saver. But sometimes, both are spenders or both savers. Regardless, how money is used can be a huge area of conflict. It’s important to have open communication about money, to discuss expectations, and work together on making decisions in its use. Sometimes that means exploring together what each other’s experiences with money was like growing up. We take those experiences with us into marriage. For example, if we were used to getting whatever we wanted whenever we wanted in our family of origin, we might expect to live the same way once we are married. The problem is, our finances might not support that. The good news is that there are many excellent resources out there on financial management for couples.

My thoughts:

I agree that money is a huge factor but it doesn’t have to be the worst!  It is a fact that many marriages end due to financial difficulties being the underlying problem. 

We had many fights over the money spent, not spent, and bills not being paid. We had screaming matches! We got to a point where if one spent money on themselves for whatever reason, the other would match it or spend more on themselves. This would cause more fights and more bills not being paid. Not good!!!

So, the day we came to the realization that this was not what we wanted, it all changed. We met and dedicated time to planning a budget.

The days got even better when we decided to get out of debt! We found “Dave Ramsey” and the rest of his group. They have given us the ways to be more free than we ever thought imaginable. 

We sit down monthly and plan out the finances and revisit each week just to follow up on what went out and what will be going. We like to maintain control of the money TOGETHER and we communicate about our personal desires.

We have paid off over $13,000 in debt and are currently taking a vacation that is PAID FOR, not charged on a credit card.  We are dedicated to becoming debt-free by end of this year!

It takes communication and a healthy plan. God blesses His followers that keep His commandments.


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