Lesson 18 of 20

Getting wise counsel is always a good idea: It’s scary to think about inviting other people into the chaos and conflicts of marriage but sometimes it is necessary. We should never be ashamed to ask for help. God has placed believers in the community of faith because we were never meant to do life on our own. My husband and I have found great help and encouragement from our pastors over the years.

My thoughts:

This is more than factual! You definitely should allow others into your circle. You need others advice and godly direction.  The life lessons we learn are meant to be shared and stregnth provided to others so that they too may learn from mistakes made.

I have shared all things of my life and marriage with a few people that have given me great advice and direction. We have been through counseling that has changed the direction of our marriage and healed much pain.  

First thing you always do is PRAY!!  Pray that God will direct you to the person he seeks you to hear.  The advice is a must but you have to beware! Be careful not to go to someone with multiple marriages under their belt, if you want to remain married or gather advice on how to remain married. Do not gather advice from a single person that cannot stay in a healthy relationship. Avoid the unhealthy marriages for advice as well. Seek out biblical marriage advice and advice that stears you in the direction you desire to go.  Do not act before prayer. Be sure God is directing your choice. He NEVER wants a marriage to fail.

Whether you pay for advice and direction or it comes free, be sure it is biblically sound and directed by the father. The Bible is a great place to begin your trip for advice. There are many Bible Studies that lead you down His path and take you both down a journey of change in a healthy way.

May God bless you and grow you in to what He has designed!



    1. Sorry for the delay. Yes, prayer should be first and foremost in all parts of our life. The fact is, we all think that prayer is last resort, “All we can do now is pray”. Why is that? Why are we not taught in the course of our years that Prayer is the MOST important part of our life, daily routine, and mental needs?

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      1. Yes, yes, yes!!! And this is what God is saying during this season. Pray, pray, pray…pray fervently. Not all I can do is pray. That’s not all. Pray and believe. And show you believe by doing what He says. Hey, let’s be encouraged to continue to pray for them and teach them how to do so by example. To God be the glory. Be encouraged.


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