Fill Yourself

How do you get your FILL? Do you watch morning television? Do you listen to music? How many of you actually read God’s Word? How many actually dwell and study His plan for your life?

God says in that we are to sleep, eat, and breathe His Word, for it gives us life. How many of us truly do that?

What are the excuses we give?

I’m tired. I wake up too late. I don’t have time for Him. I just forget.  Sound like anyone you know?

Well, I get that, completely!  I used to make excuses, I can even come up with new ones each time I slept through my Bible Time alarm.  That is satan working and enjoying his power in our lives!  God made us to have the ability to chose Him? He didn’t want robots, He could have made us that way but that is NOT what He wanted! He wanted children that love Him for Him.

Now that I have discovered the MANY Bible apps that can even send REMINDERS to your phone, that there is NO excuse.  I even find reasons to start new things like podcasts.  I found so many out there that NO ONE, not even YOU, can say No to.

There are great podcasts to be fueled from Christ.  (Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Dave Ramsey, Grace Creek Church of Longview are just a few of the ones I listen too).  Now, some of these are church services and others are ways to live your life the way God planned, so choose your Christ-Centered podcast carefully.  I began listening to one that I recall listening to many years ago on television but I began to notice something.  She was all about getting others to clap and praise the words she said.  She would repeat things until the congregation would applaud or say “amen”.  That to me, is a television and personal goal driven preacher.  I am NOT saying that you cannot listen to her or someone alike.  I just feel that she was not in it for God’s glory.  She was in it to have her name known and her voice to be heard.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy her devotions but I do not enjoy listening to her.

Then there are those that preach about one or two verses but give you lots of stories and examples of how these verses apply to your life or how they assisted in his and so forth.  Those are good to listen too as well because they make the scripture relational to our day to day life.  They make us BELIEVE and TRUST that God’s WORD is the TRUTH!  That helps us to find hope and know that there is a God!

Then there are the preachers that stuff their messages with verse after verse.  This is great too!!  This gives us the trust that God was the director of the Bible and that He showed us the way He loves us in many ways and many times.  God speaks many times and make many promises and if you KNOW where to locate them, you can find the verses that show His promise and then His action on that promise.  A great preacher will do just that!

So, get out there and do as God directs!  Find a podcast, a television evangelist, a bible devotion (Kindle, paper, or online, etc…).  Fill yourself with the Word.  It will give you strength to overcome ANYTHING!!!

God Bless you all!

I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11


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