How many of us take questions for granted?

What do you want to eat?  What would you like to wear?  Do you want to go play at their house?  Do you like that?

These are questions we grow up being asked by many people in our lives.  We are asked if we have done something, if we hadn’t done anything, or what our preferences may be. We take these decisions for granted.  There are people in the world that have no idea how to make such choices and such options for themselves.  You ask them a question and they have no clue how to answer.

They have been coddled and given everything that they never had the ability to “want” or to know what they want for that matter be fore they even knew HOW to WANT or NEED.  They were never taught what the difference in one and another.  They have been sheltered, protected, and presented with things before they even knew were necessary.

This causes a society of people that stand for NOTHING, they fight for NOTHING, they know NOTHING.  Simply because they were taught NOTHING.  They just EXPECT things to come to them.

How many of us have taken a friend of our own child somewhere and ask them if they would like something and they shrug their shoulders or say the dreadful words, “I don’t know”?  Or when you make a snack at home and offer it to a neighbor child and they shrug their shoulders or say they are unsure if they want it.

Once a child reaches the age of 6, they should be able to KNOW what they like and KNOW what they don’t like.  I am not speaking of the children that are unknowing of certain items on a fruit stand or such.  I am speaking of those that don’t know if they are hungry, don’t know if they want to go to a certain place, or don’t know if they want to swing at the park.

What is the world is THIS world coming to???!!!

Raise your children to be thinkers, to be able to answer for themselves, to make choices about things that are in their world, to know that there are options.  This can begin as early as 3 with limited options and begin to expand as they grow and mature.  But expose them to certain things that will not hinder functionality as they grow, so they can make choices of their own.  This is something we should do as a society and as a family unit to ensure the best for the future of this country and society.



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