One in The Hand is Better than Two in The Bush

One in the hand is better than two in the bush…

I know that when I heard this for the first time, it was on television.  Don’t ask me to be philosophical or recall exactly where I heard it, but I was young.  I had no idea what it meant and probably recited it so many times that it actually stuck in my head, yet I still had no idea what it meant.

Do I now know?

Well, you could say that I have an understanding of the meaning, from my perspective.  Remember, I may have a different perspective than you tho.  AND THAT IS OKAY!

To me, the one in the hand is something you have grabbed hold of.  You wanted it for a long time and saved and worked hard to reach this goal.  You struggled to achieve this and you are proud that you have accomplished this one thing.  You fell down and you denied yourself many little pleasures and desires in order to feel this high that you are in now.  It is as if Jesus is saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  We all want to hear that said as we reach those gates of heaven and see his beautiful face of love.  We want to hear our father say how proud He is of us.  We want to know that passing by all those small pleasures was worth the drive.

Whilst the two in the bush is something you passed by, in order to achieve the greater.  These two things could be something that you had to give up in order to achieve such a goal.  You passed by these options, knowing that you were working towards a higher goal.  These two items, or more, are things you wanted but realized they were not as important as the other.  They could be anything such as ; cheating on that exam, denying ownership of something you did wrong, telling a “white lie” that led to a loss for another or denying the guilt you carried for such actions.  You could have passed on that moment that you could get away with something that no one else would have witnessed, such as taking that one office supply or using things for your needs that cost the company their finances.

How many of you have held on to the two, instead of waiting for the one great accomplishment?  How many of you have said, “No one will really care.”, “It doesn’t hurt any body anyway”?

How many of you have been the one holding the one and can proudly and peacefully sleep at night, knowing you are following God’s commands?  How many times have you said, “No” just because it did not align with His plan for you?

Stand up and be proud!  Don’t give in to those evil words that surround this evil world.  Follow God’s plan and keep His commandments.

Better on handful of tranquility than two of toil and chasing the wind

Ecclesiastes 4:6


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