Future Goals

How many of us make New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for the New Year?

My family does, and we rarely follow through with them.  We make excuses and forget them or we pass them off as too hard or not enough time to complete these, usually SIMPLE, tasks.  Sometimes, we even SEEK out excuses or reasons to look for ways to NOT complete the goals.


Failures!  We reach something that we attempt and end with an unpleasant result.  The result makes us contemplate that we cannot make it anyhow, so why try?  We fall flat down on our faces.  We miss a step and find it easy to not restart.  We listen to the naysayers that come out of the woodwork.  We listen to satan surrounding us with negativity.

Guess who is there to lift you up and pick you up to be the glory that He design?  Yes, Our Father in Heaven!!  he is always there to lift us up into success!  he is always there to make sure we are successful!  Remember, it WILL happen in HIS time, not ours.  So, just don’t stop!! Keep your head up and face the evil one!

Why Not Now?!!  We can do this together.  We can overcome the negativity in the world.  We can be a success in all that comes before us.

I will be posting daily or weekly updates on my progress and hope that you can do the same in my response areas.  I look forward to hearing what you decide to change within your lives and homes.

So, sit down today.  Make at least 3 GOALS for you and/or your family to accomplish by December 31, 2017.  Post your goals and plans to achieve them. Then, send me updates!  I look forward to hearing how you decide to make the changes within your life and watch your success through the journey!

God bless you all!!

Matthew 19:26
With God, all things are possible


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