We all come from a background.  We all have a past.  Some of us have been blessed with a happy past, while other have been blessed with a tragic past.  Some have been loved, while others were pushed aside or ignored.  Some have watched as their family destroyed one another, while others have enjoyed the growth within their family.  Some families have shown one another nothing but love, while others have bullied and abused and neglected theirs.  Some have felt the love of a 2-parent home, while others have felt the loss of a parent.  Some have enjoyed a single parent home that was filled with laughter and love, while others have had to learn to provide for themselves while the parent was not able.  No matter what your family was, you have a choice!

We all come to a point in our lives where our past is no longer an excuse or a reason to be what it designed.  We grow up and we make the decision to overcome, to achieve much more than society says we should.  We can choose to stay in the path that was placed in front of us and continue to be what society says is supposed to happen OR we can over come the obstacles.

I am not saying to go out and depend on the government to provide for your family or wait for a handout from family, friends, or neighbors.  I am saying DEFEAT!!  Defeat the hand that is pushing you down in to the mud, dirt,and grime of a troubled life.  Go to school, work YOUR HARDEST, be the BEST YOU that you can be.  Avoid those obstacles and addictions that pull us back into the muck!  Find a career or job that you LOVE, and do it as you are doing it for Christ!

We cannot continue to say, “Well, that is what my parents did.” or “That is just what I was taught.”  BULL SHIT!!  yes, I said it!  That is just a crutch for you to be lazy and make an excuse for you to depend on others.

How do you expect to achieve anything?

There has to come a time that we, as a family, a community, a country, and a government to say NO MORE!  We have to teach others that FAILURE is an option!  Failure teaches us to achieve so much more and thus, we begin to work harder to get what we want.  We do NOT DESERVE anything other than life and death.  We EARN everything else!  We must work in order to earn.  We must overcome!  We must fail!

What makes ANYONE think they DESERVE more than life and death?

Oh, yeah it’s society and government.  When a person with children is working 2 to 3 jobs just to pay HALF the bills, drives an older car that just gets them to and fro, requests a small boost gets denied for medical care from the government, yet someone that does not work at all, has same amount of children gets all the welfare available and drives a brand new car; there is something WRONG in the system!

The government is encouraging the people to continue to depend on them.  reminds me of movies like “Running Man”, “Hunger Games Trilogy”, and even “Escape from LA”.  Is that even CLOSE to what we want to allow?  Personally, I will not allow my family tree to be defined by what my past was like.  I will make sure that everything I do will be to the Glory of God and will lead my family to be better than what I am.  I pray that each of you do the same.


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