Do you ever find yourself in NEED of THAT ONE MOMENT!!  Just a simple moment to allow yourself to BREATHE?

I just want to breathe.  One breath without criticism, without regret, without someone telling me I did SOMETHING wrong.  I just want to be able to say, I did it!  I just want to KNOW that I can go to sleep and actually REST!

Well, who gets that ability?

I want to meet them and KNOW them, know their SUPER-POWER!!!

My Super-Power is …I cannot think of a single thing right now!  Maybe that is the reason I need to breathe.  Maybe that is why I need MY MOMENT!  I know God promises that I am Wonderfully Made, and I am BEAUTIFUL to Him, but sometimes I wonder, “am I beautiful to him?”.  Am I REALLY what HE wants me to be?  Have I done what God wants me to do?  Am I even on the RIGHT path?


I just want to know that SOME of what I do is worthwhile!  I just want to know that I make some sort of a GOOD impression in my children and in those that I meet.  Am I even getting CLOSE to the Proverbs Wife?  Will I EVER be the wife HE designed me to be?  How can I EVER measure up?

When I look into those eyes, I want to see love, to see understanding, to see desire.  But what is it that I see?  Criticism, Disgust, Anger, Rejections, Questionable circumstances.  How can I BE what God designed if I can’t even be what he wants?

Who do I turn to?  Who do I RUN to?  God!!  I cry out, “Lord, you are who I need!”  You are who I want to take over my body, mind, soul, and spirit!  Help me to be what you designed me to be!  Give me breath, Lord.  You are what I want to breathe.  May I exhale myself and inhale your, oh God!  Fill me up and allow me to see what I TRULY am, allow me to see what he TRULY wants me to be, what they TRULY want me as.  God, grant me strength and the ability to overcome THIS MOMENT!

Praise you, OH GOD!


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