Should Children Participate in Extra-curricular Activities?

How many times do we say “no”to our minis regarding the sports team they want to join?  Why do we say “no”?  Why are we denying them the ability to gain that exercise and meet new children their age?  Are we saying “no” for a good reason?  Are we being selfish?

I get that we are all busy and we all have things happening on a regular schedule.  I have told my children no and been told no many times.  But why?  I was told no as the funds were never there to perform and my family would probably not been able to get me there, anyhow.  But, telling my children that they are unable to do so is usually much deeper.  We discuss what is happening within their current schedule and look into a testing time before committing to the activity.

For the most, we say yes to the activities so they are able to make friends and get lots of exercise, which benefits so much in a young child.  Not to mention, the ability to workout while they get their workout in as well.  I usually walk two-third of their time so I can catch the last fifteen minutes and they don’t expect it so I catch them off-guard and see the REAL ability they have.

The friends they make may be temporary but at least they are learning to make friends.  But some last a lifetime, why should we deny them that possibility?  Children learn how to cooperate with one another and get along with people from different walks of life than them, which helps them in the future workforce of life.

So, what is your reason for the denial?  Are you just too tired to take them?  That is no excuse, maybe you should deny yourself something to give them this.  You can’t do it because you have to cook dinner?  CROCKPOT!!!  That is my favorite tool to use for meals.  I also pre-cook a lot of meals so we can heat them up or prepare them and then the only time is the cook time.  This allows them time to complete homework or take a much-needed bath after the workout.

So, I think I have BUSTED all the excuses and reasons to NOT participate in extra-curricular activities.  What is your reason?


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