Part 2

How do I protect them from the outside cruel world?  How do I lead them to make their own choices, and they be good ones?  How do I keep them from harming themselves or others?  How do I keep them from strangers?

The Cruel Cruel World

Can we REALLY protect our child from the world?  Or can we simply prepare them and instill morality and teachings within them that will help them to deal with what may came?  My opinion is that we teach them what to do and how to deal with different situations.  I know that we can’t prepare them for EVERYTHING, but we can prepare them for the majority and how to deal with different things that may appear.  We can give them the security and self-esteem that will help them say “no” to that person offering them that drug or attempting to pressure them in having sex to early.  We can  give them the strength it takes to turn away from that stranger in the store or on the street corner that is trying to solicit them into their vehicle or arms.  We can guide them with the proper words to scream and the proper way to defend themselves.  We can fully equip these precious babies that we have been blessed to have for such a short time frame.  We can leave them with something more than the fear of things around them and teach them to fight things and people off.  This is so much more powerful than the simple fear of things.

Personal Choices

Does your child struggle with choosing things for themselves?  Do they know what the options REALLY are?  How are these options presented?  What I found that worked with my son was no choice until he was around 4 years old.  After that, he started choosing things that did not make since and when I began giving him limited options it worked better.  My daughter was given the option of 2 things from the young age of 2.  This led to quick decision making beginning around 4 years old.  Now, we have a very decisive child that knows what she wants the majority of the time.  I feel that this led to an easier time for decisions.


This has come to my attention as a very difficult part of child rearing.  I want to give you GREAT advice and I want to tell you EXACTLY what to do.  But I would be a hypocrite.  I have failed many times over at stopping my children from hurting themselves and from hurting others.  All I can say is God is there for this.  He is there to give you the words to offer advice on why we should not do what we have done or why they or the others are important to Him and should be protected and kept unharmed.  I prayed many times over for Christ to intervene in the pain that may be coming from my child either being given to others or themselves.  My prayers have been answered but I know that this is a daily prayer that MUST be performed NOT out of ritual but out of love for the child.  I know He will pick them up when the fall and He will give me the words to say or NOT say when they are in need.  So, as for pain, the only thing I can say is PRAY!

May God bless you and your family.  May you be led by His undying love.


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