I Worry About my Child, What do I do? Part 1

This is a question that many parents ask themselves on a regular basis.  How can I keep my child safe?  How can I keep them from doing drugs?  How do I protect them from the outside cruel world?  How do I lead them to make their own choices, and they be good ones?  How do I keep them from harming themselves or others?  How do I keep them from strangers?

These are all GREAT questions that I have heard many ask and I have seen many respond to such as well.  I have also read what the WORD wants us to do.  I know that there may be many that do not believe in Christ, and I will pray for you too.  But, those that do, did you know that He has direction on each of these matters?  Did you know that Christ is the one that planned for each of us, a way to resolve all conflict and guide us in all we do?  I am going to do my best to reach all of these questions by God’s design, by public eye, and give you information that will prayerfully guide you.

Let me start by saying, My God is Awesome!  He is the healer of all and He will always pick you up, no matter where you may be or where you may be heading.  He loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


My children are two completely different people.  I was very young when I had my sone and I was paranoid about everything.  I was scared if he climbed the slide, he would fall off the top.  If he stood up on the swings, I was sure he would collapse and break an arm.  Don’t get me started on tree climbing.  So, to the day, he extremely cautious and is aware of the things that MAY cause harm to him or others.  My daughter was gifted to us at a later age in our lives.  I am much more r3elaxed and able to allow he3r to try more things that are daring.  She climbs on the top of the swing set and yells to me to watch her.  I simply swallow my stomach back down and smile, with an open arm ready to catch.   She climbs all the high trees, tries all the new things, and lives to tell about it.  I sit  her today, able to say that there have been no broken bones or such and we are going strong.  I am able to give you both sides of the coin as I lived it.  I feel that they are both great children and they will be successful in all they do for the Glory of God.  So, pray to Christ and allow Him to show you what he want for His children, after all they are ONLY ours for a short time.  They are HIS forever!

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Drugs and Such

We can’t be with our children as much as we would like to, 8n order to ward off all evil-doers.  We can’t stop them from being in the world filled with people that will show them other experiences or ask them to join in illegal activities.  We CAN, however, teach them what there is out there.  We can show them studies and documentation on how these things effect them.  We can be straight forward to them and explain why these things are not good for them.  We can simply google search these things and come up with images of people that use them and what happened to them.  We can pray with them and lead them down the path that allows them to choose the right option.  Telling them to “NOT” do something without any explanation or reason with some backing is a sure way to get them surround by that something.  It is an easy way of pushing them right in to the middle of it.  Explaining things to them is a route they will surely appreciate and you will earn respect and “brownie” points for being honest and upfront with them.  Then, the may not seek out other ways of learning about such things.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
That is all for today, but stay tuned in and I will post the next segment tomorrow! Have a Blessed day!

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