Weight on Me

I began a new journey yesterday;  I am cleansing myself from the inside out. I am spending more time with the Lord, trying eat more healthy (avoiding the sweets), and work out more often than not.

I know that many of you have watched me ride this roller coaster many times.  You have watched me try all the fads, the surgeries, the attempts to change.  And you have witnessed me fail myself once again.  So, I pray that each of you will pray for me during this journey.  I ask you to pray for me to get restful sleep, so I may not find a reason to lay in bed while I should be up working out.  I ask for prayers that I find healthy snacks more satisfying than the unhealthy.  I ask that your prayers include my mind set to be changed and that I see the change within my soul and desire more change.

My husband has always been by my side and I know the frustration he must go through watching me struggle with the drive.  He has provided me with so many tools to utilize and yet here I sit, almost 100 pounds overweight, once more.  I lose the weight, feel great, and yet I put it back on by finding the lazy way out.

So, I say to you today…follow me, hold me accountable, get on to me for not working out or eating the wrong things.  Help me to turn away form those unhealthy snacks and treats that I have come to enjoy too often.  Send me recipes that are easy and fast but healthy and yummy!

I shopped yesterday, seeking healthy snacks that will provide growth within not out.  This week, I want to lose 3 pounds. I will start a chart and follow a food log on my phone app that goes along with one of the many things I have at my disposal.

Thank you for your prayers…J

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