As I listen to the great song, “I’m gonna love you…”, I think. I think of all the people that I have crossed paths with. Did I love on them the way God wanted me to? Did I leave them wanting more? Did I treat them with kindness? Did I make sure they knew I was grateful to have them in my path?

Well, as some of you read this, you will probably agree. I did NOT always love on the persons in my path.  I did NOT always show them God’s love. Sometimes, I didn’t even pay them any mind.

I think that there has to be more of you that have done this. I would never do it intentionally nor set out purposeful to lead them astray or not even shine for God. I am sure that many of us are guilty of this act, or lack of act. I am sure that we are all good people and want all to felt loved hut we get busy. We get busy with work  deadlines, doctor appointments, extracurricular activities, even just the hustle and bustle of grocery shopping.  

We are simply blind.

So, I ask you today, to remove the scales from your eyes. Remove the blinders that only allow you to see YOUR path. Seek out those in need. Love on those that don’t even know they NEED it. Put smiles on your face and just greet others. Be a love light!

If you cross my path, be my accountability person. Make sure I smiled at you and you felt it from my heart. Let me know if you felt love from Christ through my smile.  Find your accountability partner as well and hold each other up to the standard!

May God Bless each of you!



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