What are consequences? defines consequences as an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.  This is something all adults have learned, may they be good consequences or bad consequences.  When we pay our electric bill, our television and lights stay on.  When we don’t put gas in our vehicle, we break down on the side of the road. Or if we decide we want to sleep in instead of going in to work as per our schedule, then we learn that a paycheck is either lost or shortened due to this decision.  We learn as we grown that if we touch a hot stove, it burns us.  If we do something we were told not to do that we either get a hard hit on our bottom or a time to rethink what we should have done.  This action of live and learn has come to a scary halt.

I see teenagers that go through the many years of school thinking that being late for school has no consequence.  It does not bring to their attention that what they do has any remorse or debt owed to reclaim what was lost.  The children have learned that the grades they receive are GIVEN to them, not EARNED.  They know that what they do will never have any CONSEQUENCE of bad deeds.  they will be able to pass through with the utmost freedom and continue to do as they please.

These teenagers have lost the respect we were shown to give in return for the demands they DESERVE.  What these children deserve is dire consequences that offer training and proper upbringing.

We want to blame society and the fact that so many fathers and mothers are out of the scene of raising their children, and have left it to those that should be playing with the grandchildren, not raising them, like they did the children they gave birth to.  But each member of society and each person that gives birth has a right, no an obligation to be the best parent possible!  They should read the BIBLE, reach out to God, and learn all they can from the classes available to them.  There is no reason why any adult cannot teach a child to respect ALL authority and to be a productive part in society and the functionality of this world.

Now, I don’t write this to offend anyone or to cross any lines, or even bring any attention to myself.  I write this to show you that even a person that had the not-so-great upbringing can bring up a child that respects others and knows of consequences.

My father was a womanizing alcoholic, that chose the bottle over life.  He chose the bottle over putting food on the table, over making sure his family had electricity and water.  He chose all the bad things and yet here I sit paying HIS consequences.  I have a child that will NEVER know him because of his choices.  I have a child that would have loved to have him watch him walk across that Graduation Stage.  Instead of seeing his grandchildren grow up and his children have the  lives that they earned, he is missed.

So, where does it end?  When is it okay to teach a child consequences?  When do they realize that what they do has a consequence that may NOT be a good thing?   When do we finally teach the children that the stove is hot, that not doing the classwork results in a failing grade, or the running a stop light causes accidents?  How about when they end up in prison because they brought a gun to school, or when they shoot the teacher because they turned in their parents for child abuse?  They, We MUST learn consequences are NOT given, they are earned.  So, if a child fails a test, he gets a bad grade, he is not GIVEN a grade, they are EARNED.

I pray that the society my children grow up in turns out better than what it is now.  I pray that the Christ I serve will overcome and teach each one how to shine for HIM.  May God bless you and your family forever!


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