Where AM I?

The week has been extremely tough.  The kids at school were acting out, work was trying, and my emotions ran high.

I realize that I go grocery shopping and I see no one that I know.  I go to church and see no one that I know.  I go to work and I see no one that I know.  I mean, I know who they are and a few things so we can carry on a conversation, but I do not REALLY know them.

I knew that this transition was going to be hard, but those days that I realize it, are extremely difficult.  I want to go to the store and get caught by someone I know, chatting about their troubles and family problems, or prayers they need.  I miss the times where my phone rang every hour for just a chat or a check in.  I get few phone calls, few words of encouragement from any one other than my AMAZING husband.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being here around my family, starting a new life with this man of mine, I just miss friendships and acquaintances, and those that simply know me.

Do I seem petty? Am I being crazy? Maybe I am just needy…

I am sure there will be a day that I am able to feel comfortable again.


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