Journey Back

The warmth within rises as the sun
I feel the touch of sand as we are one
The roughness soothes my soul from the outside
My heart sings inside
The birds sing my soul into a trance
I feel the need to dance
My feet lead me through the beach
Warm water tickles my toes
Warmth travels throughout my body as it flows
My soul maintains the beat with the waves
My feet will not behave
I stomp and stamp through the warm water surrounding me
Time passes as I continue to be
The joy I feel takes me to a simpler time
I bring back memories I find
Deep within my mind
They flow as tho from a book
I drift away to a time
When I felt as though you were mine
I thought you would never leave
But now I grieve
Your hand touches my shoulder as if I am still there,
With you
Your guidance is within my soul as if you are here
I feel your love, you will always be in my soul
Your life has shaped my living
I thank you for giving
You have built me
And I am thankful
The crows of the gulls awake my soul once more
I know that it was simply a memory, a trance, a vision
Of how life once was with him in my life
I race back to the warm sea
And once again am me.


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