School Days

I have discovered that, as I am now a Full-Time Student, Mom, Wife, Employee (Office Manager), Girls Scout Leader, and me that I tend to fill my life with activities.  My therapist said it was because I was trying to “EARN” things.  I argue that back then, yes maybe I was.  But now, I just love what I do and I want to better myself.  I spend 5 out of 7 nights away from home, usually coming in around 8-830.  I go to school two nights a week, lead my daughter’s Daisy troop in Girl Scouts, Take Taekwondo to better my core, as well as try to have a date-night with my husband (which is amazing to me).  My Sunday afternoons are spent cooking, preparing, chopping food for 4 people to eat breakfast and dinner at home and take a lunch with them on their daily travels.  I make sure that each of them have what they like and eat healthy.  I do this because I love them.  I spent most evenings up late working on the next report, lesson, or adventure with scouts.  I don’t feel that I sacrifice anything nor do I feel that I give a little of me to everything. (I have heard the saying, “You can only be your best at 1 thing”.  Well, if that is true, then I am the best at being Mommy, which includes all that I do.  I don’t think that my family has to sacrifice a lot, except my husband that goes to sleep alone many nights (but he wakes up to me, and that is what counts, right).  I read to my daughter each morning (usually a Bible Story), I talk with my son each evening (usually while he is cleaning the kitchen and I am TRYING to do my homework, but I LOVE IT).  No, I think that if you live like no one else today, you will live like no one else tomorrow. Yes, that is quoted from Dave Ramsey.  I enjoyed his teachings and he has taught us what is important in life and we have truly been blessed by those teachings.  It has guided us financially as well as biblical.  Those teachings have allowed us to become who we are and to serve as we should.  So, In pray that each day you are taught something and you pass it along.  My teachings have been many and continue to be more.  Thank you for reading.  May your day be blessed.  Please leave ANY comment.


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