7 Years!

Tomorrow is a huge day!! It is a day to celebrate the life of my favorite daughter!  She will be 7, and it seems like we only just brought her home.  The day brings so many memories to the front of my head.  I recall the first bath when she screamed at the top of her lungs, the first night home where she screamed ALL NIGHT LONG, the first word (Bubba, of course), the first step, the first time she kissed me without a request, the first time she told me she loved me.  It is such a day, a day to celebrate!!

God has given us a remarkable little girl.  She is so intellectual, so intelligent, so inquisitive.  She surprises us everyday with the thoughts and ideas she carries in this house of hers.  She  shines the way God desired.  She loves the way God designed.  She is truly a “Child of God” This makes me remember that she is NOT mine, I only get the joy of leading her to HIM.  I tear up thinking that one day, she will get this same blessing that I have been so lucky to have.  I praise God with thankfulness to take the situation she came from and make her so beautiful.  Thank you, Jesus!

So, as I rest to prepare for this day that is coming, I thank each of you that has been a part of her life and has loved her and us all through it all!! Praise Jesus for friendships!


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