What do you see?

I walk through the halls of this busy day.  I look around and see others as they do the same.  I stand straight with pride in myself.  I contain much confidence and strength within and I attempt to display these attributes to the outside.  I view the world with much consideration and I see that others do not do the like.  I catch myself watching others as we pass and exchange looks, or not.  My thoughts run through many different reason as to why they hold their head down.

Are these people lacking confidence?  Are they lacking the ability to acknowledge others are even in the same space as they are?  These young beings are mostly looking down.  Are they not assured by the area they step?  Are they nervous to look at another?  Why do they do this?  Why has the parents not encouraged them to look up from the phone and see what the world looks like?  Why have they not learned how special this land is that we occupy?

So, I pray that each of you that have children do this.  Encourage your child, teen, or young adult to look up.  Look up and see the amazing land we were blessed to live on.  Show them what God has given us, simply because he loves us.

May your day be blessed and filled with many happy views!



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