Little Doll

My morning began so sweetly.  I awoke to my alarm and did my normal things; prepare breakfast, lunch, and anything that I needed or anyone else may need for the day.  I kissed the cheek of my beautiful blonde baby girl to awake her for her day of fun.  I tickle her sides to get that beautiful smile from her, that I adore so.  I return to the kitchen to complete her breakfast and prepare her morning reading.

She stumbles into the kitchen with a crooked little grin.  I kiss her forehead. She sits down to the table and pours her milk into her bowl.  She adds her marshmallows to her hoot cocoa and steals a few before closing the container.  I love to watch her in the morning.  We read our first morning devotion together.

She has recently accepted Christ into her heart and is preparing for her baptism.  I am teaching her, through a friend’s help, what it truly means to be a Christian and to be Christ-Like.  We read several scriptures and create memory verse cards and play a little game.  She is really enjoying this.  I am excited that she is as happy as I.

I carry on through the day and do my things at work.  I look forward to picking her up to get more time with her wonderful face.  WAY WRONG!!

It starts like someone has turned off the smiles and turned all the anger and hatred to come out of her.  Each opinion I have or idea for her is so far unwanted!  She screams because I tell her we are not having McDonald’s for dinner.  She throws such a tantrum and I in turn state that there will not be anymore McDonald’s for quite a while. That is before we even make it home.  We get home and she flips out because she did not want anything we were having for dinner nor anything we had in the house.  Of course, Daddy has just what she wants. (OMG!!!)  It continues to get worse; meltdown at counting her piggy bank to take to the bank (she wanted to keep all the ones, not exchange for larger bills), meltdown because it was bath time, then reading her bedtime story she could not stand the redirection I was giving her (she is a new reader).

So, I quietly whispered a prayer of love and protection from God over her.  I prayed for her to wake with a Happy Attitude and to gain more relaxation.  She then screamed that she hated bedtime.

So, how does this precious little doll go from 0-1000000 like that?  What am I doing wrong?  Can I change this?  I thought that the fact that I started her morning with prayer and worship music that it would light her day with more of Him.  WOW!!

Just praying that tomorrow will not end the same way.


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