In Sickness and In Health

As I woke the day after Christmas this year, I felt ill.  It got worse as the day continued.  MY body ached and my head filled with fluid and etc.. (I will leave out details to spare you).  To make a long story short, my sick day continued for 6 more days of praying for God to take me.  I hurt all over, I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t play with my baby girl (that killed me the most).  SO, my vacation from work turned into laying in bed being catered on by my amazing man.  He brought me cold fluids, medicine, sent me to bed when he knew I was in need, he took care of dinner (even if it was take-out), he even did the odd runs to the stores for more medication or other necessities when you are ill.  I cannot say enough good things about this man, during this time of my suffering.

Yesterday, I finally felt human enough to function and get a few things accomplished, go for a walk with my girl, and play hairstylist with her too. I took some breaks in the middle, as I did get worn out pretty quick.  I still have some trouble breathing due to stuffiness and such in my head but I am feeling alive again.  So, with all this accomplished, I am greeted with my husband to be down and out with this same feeling that I had, this same sickness is not taking over my provider.

So, today I got to care for him and provide for him.  I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fluids, medications, and soups.  I get to rub vapor rub on my big baby and sing “soft kitty” (just kidding).  I get to be the provider for him and provide the care he deserves.

So, I write this not out of bragging (maybe a bit) but out of true meaning of a marriage.  We stick it out!  We don’t give up on someone we love just because they are down.  We care and love on them to make them well again.  We go to the store in the middle of the night to get more tissue because toilet paper is just to rough for a sore nose.  We go to the store to get ice cream for a sore throat or warm up a bowl a soup for the cold body.  We take the temperature and adjust the medication as necessary.  So, be there for your loves.  Take care of them, hold their hand, or just offer a cold glass of water.  Just love them!

May God bless you with health in life and in body!


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