My name is Jammye. I am a 38 year old mother of 2. I have been with my husband for over 19 years. We have a son that is 18 and a daughter that is 6, soon to be 7. We currently live in Florida but are preparing a move to Texas, my home town, in June of 2015.

I am extremely excited about the move. I have not lived there for almost 24 years. I have missed my family for many years and cannot believe that this time next year I will be with them!

My daughter is excited to visit and get to know her cousins and aunts and uncles. My husband is excited for a new change as I am ready for the comforts of Texas. I have wanted thie for many years but never felt that I could leave behind all my friends and unsure if my mother and step-father would go. As my mother and step-father is going, that leaves vacations to be spent here to catch up with friends.

God has removed all the comforts that we were accustomed to that we are ready for this new ADVENTURE.

So, join me on my journey as we say good-bye to our friends and prepare to move to Texas.


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